reduced EXPERIENCE_COMBAT_FACTOR from 0,08 to 0,05 to prevent stacking of modifiers in combat
Adjusted several defines
Adjusted garrison factor and frontline factor
Lowered retreat speed & withdraw speed
Decreased base surrender lvl
Boosted base repair
Increased air damage from 0.3 to 0.31
Decreased max expeditionary size
Lowered convoy for supplies

ai strategy that prevents japan from sending volunteers to italian east africa
Renamed barbarossa to axis and added ai strategies for romania bulgaria hungary and italy to stay in axis
Italy staying defensive early on against FRA
ENG area priorities
CHI staying defensive
GER not pushing through ITA
Adjustments to GER AI strategies
Adjusted several AI strategies
SPR now more defensive

#AI Templates
revamped AI templates for bel fin hol pol fra and eng
More AI_templates (CZE, ENG, GRE, SPA, TUR, YUG)
Adjusted US and RAJ templates

Added triggers for technologies
Moved some starting events to on startup

Replaced country_flags for laws with has_idea
Added US armed population idea
Changed soviet collectivist idea to 0.15 weekly stability instead of 25% total

HQ need less hq_equipment (100 > 75)
Added 1500 ss_uniforms to stockpile. (start-up)
Added tech-modifier for GER-AI to research ss-combat-engineer on time
Corrected division_name_group
Added division_names_group for VT and Reich and Das Reich
Added Ss-anti_tank_brigade
Added smg_equipment to Commando, infantry and ss_infantry
Set Wach Btl LSSAH to low priority
Added rocket art detachment to support. (Small unit)
Added texticons SS paratroopers and SS Airborne Art-Abt
Adjusted infantry equipment types by grenight
Added the arctic support company back in
Adjusted desert support

Added division_template to "history/units/GER_SS_Start_II_ai.txt
Fixed error in div-template Bryganda_Panc_Mot (POL)
ENG_Port_Garrisn_units OOB deleted. Corrected NF and event for that.
Corrected support-units in several OOB
Unique divisions (GER) locked due to event-chain
Corrected logo 5. Pz-Div
Locked first GER division_names_group GER_INF_01 for Welle-1 divisions so numbers won't be available for player.
Added locked div-templates for 2., 13. and 20. Inf.-Div. due to event-chain.
Corrected missing charater in division-template naming
Deleted GER_SS_Danzig_ahist
CZE using division_names_group now
Fix 6. Pz.-Div load_oob

Changed china starting ST to 0.4
JAP and PRC supreme commander fix
Reorganized historical order a bit in an effort to make sure ITA declares war on Greece in 1940
Added militia to division_templates + Changed starting exp for china
Gave BEL HOL FIN and POL a deployment queue
Added starting productionlines for HUN
Made BEL HOL and POL go for infantry bonus minister
US more starting civilian factories
Moved allied anger variable to history/GER

Allied Anger deleted in NF GER and completely reworked
Added 'No need' choice to several events for player
Reworked military_size-events into 1 event
Added WTT_china_political_struggle
Compiled all buildings-events into 1 event
Promotion/Demotion decision and event added
Fix to Fritsch affair event, deleted Himmler_ai idea and connected events fixed
Added von Blomberg to Fritsch affair event
Reworked event-chain VT to SS Pz-Div Das Reich
Reworked performance by Jack
Reowrked SS-Infantry-Div Totenkopf eventchain
Deleted some no valide ss_events
Reworked AIRDT economy. Moved to _EAI_misc
Reworked canada.10
Correted some claims and add_core state 762 for WTT_GER
Integrated renaming Alsace to Elsass-Lotharingen from vanilla for GER
Corrected 4. TK Standarte
Corrected state 987 to 864 in Britain_bice
Delted buildings_ai event (obsolete)

Adjusted solution for danzig focus
Cleaner and more organized GER NF
Placed condor-legion under Wehrmacht focus
Changed Allied Anger date End of CZE 70 days earlier. To 1939.1.6 (Time of NF)
Added date > 1940.1.1 to available 2nd Vienna Award for Allied Anger
Merged canda and better_canada
Made Allied Anger also for Allied
Added a partisan event to inform the player where which and how many partisans spawned

Deleted double technology-gfx
Only coastal countries have acces to naval techtree and naval doctrine.

Adjusted solution for danzig focus

Increased surrender limit
Adjusted difficulty

CTD fixed due to decimal values in defines.
Several bugs fixed
Corrected 2 bugs in 2 templates.
Fixing CZECH Light tank issue
Fixed Ger_invade_norway OOB support
Fixed errordog in naval_combat losses window
Added texturefile for convoys inverted
Added inverted gfx ships
Fixed countryflag for SS TK Division
Fixed CTD sudetenland
Fix to the move capital event for SPA
Fixed vichy event and torch event
Fixed error Invalid state for is_controlled_by 976 = ENG
Fixed load_oob Pzgren-Div Das Reich
Fixed Grossdeutchland missing equipment
Fixed JAP using all its troop to garrison chinese puppet
Fixed SOV operation decision visibility
Fixed communist CWs
Fixed ROM switching to SOV too soon

Added enable_building Pillbox to ww1 doctrine Pillbox
Nerfed airport capacity

USA WS MP Laws improvement
Added max command power to Officer Training
Adds 20% WS and has_war=no requirement for going from volunteer to 1Y Draft
Adjusted conscription triggers
5% to 1.5% for japanese conscription
Deleted early mob economic from unsupported eco law, so it dont screw France early game
Added mobilisation system to mobilize over time

Consumer goods to housing
Balanced housing and improved_machine_tools
Changed steel mill to synthetic_rubber_refinery
Added synth tech from vanilla
Industry reorganized
Nerfed housing and industry manpower demand

Added some localisation for decisions
Localisation for better Factory-events
Localisation for VT to SS Pz.-Div Das Reich
Localisation for SS-Infantry-Div Totenkopf event-chain
Added localisation for Cze light tank
Deleted some dupilcates entries
Added decisions/event-chain/localisation 60. Inf.-Div.
Lowered manpower demand for con industry
Moved -retention from dispersed to concentrated industry

Adjusted priorityze icon in division-designer
Adjusted position of Strategic bombing view
Added square for Field Marshal better visual
Adjusting template tab for use of 1 column of support due to AI only using 1 column
Added green button for TRAIN in templates-view

Traits ENG, FRA and GER more balanced
Added fortress_buster trait_cautious traits to Montgomery
added trait for Paul Reynaud to help FRA AI against GER

AI gets WW1 techs at startup
Fixes/adjustments/some AI improvements by Jack
Added ai modifier to subtech_light_panzer_td_equipment_1
Made soviet join case white 16 days later
Adjusted AI convoys
Changed the war goal event's war goal option's condition's ai factor to 0 so ai will not pick it and go nuts
Nerfed AI suppression
Fixed AI not switching to war economy
Adjusted partisan system to use partisans unit type and stay at their local province
Fixed AI manpower laws with rudimental events
Adjusted desperate AI defines
Adjusted decision AI by grenight
Adjusted manpower

Corrected division-template 29. Inf-Div(mot.) in decisions for GER
Location adjusted accordingly
Added 2. Leichte Division
Moved Historical Waffen SS to decisions
Added several has_country_flags to available
Deleted fortifications and anti_air/radar buildings from MEFO bills
Aufstellungswelle order-event converted to decision
Added available and visable date to Promotion/Demotion decision
Reworked czechpanzer for 1. and 3. Leichte division
Added ai_chance = { factor = 200 } for decisions
Added 16 Inf-Div(mot.) to decision
Added 72. Inf-Div to GER_INF_01 division-names-group
Added arms_trade to decisions_category
Converted our arms trade events to dynamic decisions
Moved code AI_ww1 to generic_decisions
NOT ALL CHANGELOG due to limit

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