Commercial Ranges - The Best Way To Choose The Right One

Your choices can frequently feel endless when you are looking for commercial ranges. Differing prices, shapes, sizes, features and specs can leave someone feeling overwhelmed and uninformed. Some shoppers may well not have any idea where to start looking. But by reading on, searching for them may be a bit easier.

Restaurant Duty as well as Duty

Commercial ranges come in numerous varieties to enable them to fit the requirements district where they will be used. Two such varieties are restaurant duty and heavy duty. Hotels, hospitals, schools, institutions and a few high volume restaurants use heavy duty units. They have higher energy output and shorter cooking time. Most restaurants and chains can get by with a excellent, restaurant duty unit.

So durable units are durable with larger gas valves to enable easier combining of other components. They are often batteried together to produce large units for high volume kitchens. These units are built to stand up to intense use and expense more both beforehand as well as in expenses. Also, the bigger energy output means you will have higher energy costs.


Restaurant duty commercial ranges are suitable as free standing models with BTU and power levels close to the high quality standards, but for a cheap price. They cost less and still have lower rates. Still, they're more expensive to set up and aren't created to withstand intense use plus the high quality units.


Any mix of open burners and griddle tops can be purchased. Convection ovens may also be included with the standard oven base.

Open Gas Burners

Open gas burner commercial ranges include the top choice for some professional kitchens and still provide instantaneous heat which is easily controlled. Seek out easily removable top grates, a wide range of flame heights, ring or star burners and individual pilot lights per burner. Also, think about the BTU rating.


Rather than a burner, you can select a griddle to the the top of all or section of your range. This is a flat metal plate manufactured from steel, certain or aluminum and meals is cooked upon top allowing multiple foodstuffs in order to cook simultaneously. Choose a large grease trough for quick cleanup, manual valve controls for user regulated temperature control, thermostatic controls for accurate temperature control and a non-stick or well seasoned surface.

Other Considerations

Sold as alternatives on most units, casters are strongly suggested for straightforward cleanup and service. Also, when the range will likely be used in an elevation above 2000 feet, be sure you be aware that when ordering. Gas valves must be adjusted to account for higher elevations.

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