Professional Strainer Basket Suppliers in India

The strainer basket is designed to remove solids from the substances being processed. These basket strainers are made of different alloys, so a selection of materials can be selected to meet the demands of the filtration job. We manufacture custom machine parts of products in many materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Choosing the right basket strainer manufacturer will provide protection for your valves, pumps, compressors and heat exchangers and flow meters.

Deccan Engineering is a leading supplier and manufacturer of basket strainers. The finish given to the basket strainer makes it look shiny and attractive. Our Strainer Basket Suppliers products with stainless steel that is extremely durable.

We manufacture custom machine parts of products in many materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass and plastic. You can contact us and we will be happy to help and if you need all your filters.


Application of filtration basket

  • Power of generation:- This industry needs water to filter after ion interchange which basically restricts the equipment used in downstream processes. Professional basket strainers and process strainers make this possible by being aware of the requests of huge power projects.
  • Military industry:- Naval force ships use different types of sieve baskets to keep everything running smoothly. From the cooling of the weapons framework to the oil used by the motor, straining and stretching are basic.
  • Irrigation area: Not suitable when water supply is required in a large type of field rather than just running the hose. Water is drawn from industrial gutters to prevent sand, rocks and other foreign objects from entering the sensitive pump area. It irrigates the fields
  • Automotive Fluid Production Industry: - All kinds of fluids are required to keep a car running smoothly. All of these sensitive areas should be free from contaminants from time to time during installation to avoid damage and it is essential to use all manufacturing strainers of ┬átransmission fluid and break fluid to ensure that no oil is contaminated.

Tips for choosing the right type of basket strainer

  • Sedimentary property: It is necessary to know the size and type of particles for filtering, as the size of each fluid to be filtered is different. Inorganic substances require a small screen to filter small sludge
  • Operating flow of media: Flow speed is considered when choosing a basket strainer, 1 inch filter is suitable for holding 78gpm for a short time. And using more than the flow will not be effective.
  • Media pressure drop: It is common to drop fluid across the piping component, which often changes direction when forced to remove contaminants by liquid filter media.
  • Operating Cost: The working value of industrial basket filtration is high, automatic operation reduces human needs and reduces the chances of failure, so automatic self-cleaning basket filtration is a wise decision that promises to process the filtration without fail.

Deccan Engineering Works is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Strainer Basket. We are offered globally accurate machines designed to meet specific requirements for removing particles from flowing applications. Our offer range of sand particles is being used to filter other impurities in the water.