Chapter 109

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Aiolia - That is not the sword of a god. It’s the sacred costume of a god. But after all this power is just something borrowed. It’s a temporary power.  How sad, Seiya. Humans are nothing more than humans.

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Aiolia - Humans will never dream of becoming gods ... much less humans can outgrow the gods. This is impossible!

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Aiolia - Specifically because you borrowed the power of a god .... that you were able to save your own skin. With just one blow of my divine roar .... your companions will become ashes in an instant.

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Aiolia - Before a god .... a Cloth does not have enough power. The things you believe literally have disappeared. You are wretched, pathetic ... and stupid. I know your weakness very well ....

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Aiolia - And so you fall into the deep darkness of despair. And then you finally remembered that in the next world you were not able to defeat me! You can not beat me ... not even once.

[A thundering power]

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[Lightning Tornado]

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[Lightning Flames]

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Aiolia - Destiny can not change. In any of the worlds, destiny always has the same outcome. You will always be destroyed by my lightning. And fall in the darkness .... wandering drifting …

Page 9

[Absolute inviolability]

Aiolia - what?! This Cloth.... what the hell is this ?! It's containing all my power ... no ... no, that's not ... this is not real power ... not at all!

Page 10


Aiolia - This has absorbed all the power of the attack that I launched.... and turns it into a different power ... is it reflecting it against me, as if it were his  own power ?! The light ... has become absolute ?!

Page 11

[solar flush]

Page 12

-A source of supernatural heat is being detected inside the barrier! It’s a cosmos with an unbelievable amount of heat! The barrier has been destroyed inside ...

Kiki: no that will not happen

Page 13
Kiki: Seiya would never put people in this world in danger, including us.After all, he always protected everyone, even sacrificing himself.
-But the power of light is growing over and over!
Kiki: Despite that, the barrier will not break.It's not just the barrier that protects this planet.
There is something beyond ...that is protecting the Earth.

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