Top technology tips for a little OCD

Real OCD is not a ridiculous thing and can be very detrimental to a person’s life. However, the “small” type of OCD that many of us share is another story altogether. This illustrates our tendency to keep a picture of frame alignment in our friends ’houses and to arrange all DV discs in alphabetical order. It’s a guilty pleasure, but it feels good…

And the good news is that it’s now easier than ever before to give us our OCD side. Why? Because technology is now fully present. And technology is about https://monipalvelumake.fi/ organizing and classifying data. If you want to further pamper you through the use of devices, read and watch some of the best apps, gadgets and tricks for those with a low propensity for OCD.

Of course, the software for all OCDs is always Excel - or any other spreadsheet program. This is software that allows you to organize anything in a logical way so that they are easy to retrieve and manipulate. You can put all your contact information here, you can organize your accounting, you can budget your vacation, you can plan your wedding… if you really feel the need to be pampered, you can even try to create a reference around your home. What about a list where you can find each DVD with a reference system?

Portable scanners
Portable scanners work differently than flatbed scanners because they allow you to feed documents through an input that is similar to what you would get on a printer on paper. Even better, these also use optical character recognition (OCR) to scan and process all the text in each document. Basically, this can turn a handwritten note or even a page from a magazine into an editable document that can be opened in Word or other word processing software. This means you can simply scan a set of documents into your scanner at one time and then automatically organize them into separate folders on the fly.

Gmail tags
Gmail has recently added several features that really soothe OCD. Among the best is the ability to add labels to emails, which means you can organize things into messages from friends and family, work, receipts, etc., and more. There are many other features in Gmail, such as categories that let you automatically sort items as they arrive and keep your inbox beautiful and clean.

Cloud services are hardly specific applications or gadgets, and yet it can be a very valuable tool to organize your life using technology. The best feature of the cloud is its ability to sync all your different devices and share data between and within them. Things like BlueStacks, which lets you install all the same Android apps directly on your computer, or DropBox, which lets you save a file and access it from any device, can help you get the peace of mind that your files are anywhere. always.
Robotic vacuum cleaners

Technology not only keeps information clean and organized… it can also help keep your home organized, for example with robotic vacuum cleaners that automatically travel around your home and suck up dust and dirt. If you are the kind of person who gets stressed because there is a spot of dust on the floor, a robotic vacuum cleaner is for you!