When you get them broke in they sound astounding. Produce some exceptionally instinctive bass considering they are the disliked 6x9's of the world. I don't have the foggiest idea if their potential can ever be acknowledged without an intensifier backing them up. I truly question they can be completely destitute in without an amp either. The bin is a glass impregnated plastic. I do have a few questions about the life span of such a plan. I think it accompanies mounting washers. Unquestionably use them to disseminate the power for the mounting tabs. On the off chance that creation a spacer or connector, guarantee it intently coordinates the shape of the speaker to give however much soundness as could be expected. You Harley folks. Simply quit attempting to introduce a speaker like this on your unequal shake traps. There is zero possibility of long haul achievement.

Presently for the drawback and the consequent 2 stars. One capacitor on just a single speaker exploded. Truly. I had shrapnel inside my entryway, and as should be obvious from the photos it was additionally put to the cone. Took me some time to acknowledge why my best end frequencies sounded one-sided to the other side of my vehicle. Presently before you go supposing I was over driving them. I set the beneficiaries volume to simply under cut-out. At that point set the enhancer gain utilizing 1K test tone to likewise simply under section. The other speaker hints at zero pressure. No protruding or distortion of the capacitors, and they got played precisely the equivalent. I'm crediting it to a deficient capacitor. I appear to review there being a few reports about Infinity's capacitor quality. I can't discover those reports now, so perhaps I'm mixed up on that. The last picture indicates what a flawless speaker resembles. Just visit SoundStefan for more reviews.