Alcohol De Addiction Centre In Jodhpur

Dr. Chandra ShekharGuptais the best Rehabilitation expert in Jodhpur  providing best treatment for Alcohol, Cocaine & Drugs addict patients.
Addiction comes in many forms, and so does recovery. “Rehab” is a general term for intensive, supervised programs designed to help people stop using drugs or alcoholic addictions and give them the tools they need to live a healthy life. Our aim is to help you achieve an alcoholic de- addictions and other drug free lifestyle in Jodhpur.


Steps toward recovery 
There are several types of drug and alcohol rehab available, but they typically involve the same general steps toward recovery:
  • Detox: Remove drugs and alcohol addictions from the patient’s system safely.
  • Therapy: Help patients change their behavior that come with or trigger their use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Re socialization: Learn new ways of functioning in society to stay sober.
Different stages of Rehab
  • Stage 1:First stage usually corresponds to short-stay rehabilitative programme or the initial stages (up to 12 weeks) of long-stay rehabilitative programme, focusing on intensive therapeutic interventions and the immediate responses to becoming drug free.
  • Stage 2:Second stage usually corresponds to the later stages (more than 12 weeks) of long-stay rehabilitative programme, focusing on the development of life skills, reintegration through education, training or employment-focused needs; the skills required to sustain a drug-free lifestyle while still receiving intensive support from the programme.
  • Stage 3: Third stage is offered by some organizations and usually corresponds to independent living and supported housing with some support and mentoring maintained with the main rehab.
Our approach for rehabilitation centre in Jodhpur is based on scientific proven methodology for fast & healthy recovery of patients from various drug addictions, alcohol addictions, cocaine and other addictions.
If you are experience any of these situations. Then immediately consult to rehab centre near you. If you are looking for the rehabilitation and Alcohol De Addiction Centre In Jodhpur, then DR. CHANDRA SHEKHAR GUPTA is the best choice.

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