A professional business address has a more professional effect on customers than the home address. But nowhere is it written that professionals should only work locally - to claim that would be ridiculous. What is better: hire a developer , hire or commission the project?


In the first case, it's a perfect model if you already have your own team and need a developer with a concrete requirement profile at short notice, but do not want to hire a new programmer for a few months. You pay monthly only the agreed price. And when the project is done, you can easily finish working with him. At the same time it is essential to save the personnel costs and the time for the search of the local specialists.

Outsource the project or hire a dedicated developer?

Outsourcing is mostly suitable for short-term projects and for companies without their own IT department. Whereby contract fixes the duration of the project and the object. This model is best for small startups, for example to create a prototype or to have a project implemented quickly and easily.

In Outstaffing , a development team or a dedicated programmer works for a specific employer over the long term. This is best for longer-term projects or companies that need long-term IT support. This also allows rapid formation of a team of highly skilled specialists and flexibly expand this or vice versa.

Whether Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic or Bulgaria - Eastern Europe is becoming increasingly important for European IT companies. According to the BITKOM study , the number of vacancies for IT specialists in Germany increased by 13%. In this context, German IT companies are increasingly forcing their own development processes to be outsourced.

In this regard, nearshoring to Eastern Europe has recently been on the rise because these countries offer many advantages over offshore regions such as India or China. What are the benefits of this?

  • Reduction of personnel costs

The main reasons, of course, are fairly low labor costs in the Eastern European countries. By outsourcing software development to these nearshore countries, recruitment costs are about 20 to 40 percent reduced on average.

  • Time zone and geographic location

A positive and very important aspect of nearshoring is the favorable location. For Eastern Europe, the short journey - 2 hours flight from most European capitals, and the small time difference - only 1 hour.

  • No big language and cultural barriers

In recent decades, it has become increasingly clear that values, social hierarchy, and manners differ very little in absolutely different cultures regardless of the continent. This is a major superiority for software development in Eastern Europe , where cultural differences are not that significant compared to India or China.

Between Germany and eg India the time difference is between 3 and 4 hours. Our geographical proximity is thus a decisive competitive advantage. Many problems can only be solved face to face.

  • Good language skills

Communication problems strain at work and can be associated with longer development times. As a result, it affects business efficiency.

If you want to hire a developer , you can make sure that almost all English is fluent in spoken and written at a high level. The language level of employees is an important principle for effective communication.

  • The high level of education and qualification of the workforce

It is true among some HR managers that people in post-Soviet countries lack the necessary technical training and skills. Every year, more than 55,000 IT students (including universities and private courses) graduate in Ukraine. As a result, the supply and demand of qualified specialists is very high. And there is no problem in hiring a highly qualified programmer in a short time . As the professional requirements regarding the quality of education have increased significantly, today newcomers and graduates can offer in-depth know-how.

Developers from Ukraine or Poland are also better acquainted with EU laws and intellectual property than programmers from Asia. There is no doubt that the salary of a PHP developer in Ukraine is significantly higher than a coder from India, or the quality is also much higher.


Rent programmers - how does it work?

  1. Rapid growth and scalability. This model is perfect if you have your own in-house team that needs immediate expansion or additional technical skills. Scalability is one of the most important features of promising startups. It means that your business can grow fast and continuously.
  2. Fixed price = cost savings . Price includes all taxes, fees, project management costs, software & office expenses. This allows you to legally save taxes and reduce expenses. By outsourcing the secondary functions, your company has the opportunity to focus more on core competencies.
  3. Rental period and time savings. We provide you with our highly qualified developers for as long as you need them. And while internal employees still have to learn the matter, the dedicated expert can deliver good results.
  4. Contact. Our locations are in Ukraine and are located 2 to 3 hours flight from most European cities. They take direct contact with our developers, set the tasks, check the quality, etc.