The best and relaxed PlayBeatz Wireless headphones

There're various advantages of the PlayBeatz instant earpiece. It's Hassle-free charging and you are able to demand it in your laptop via USB, little and lightweight, giving easy storage, and around 100 hours playtime. You can start using a single earbud that you won't find in different headsets. PlayBeatz wireless earpiece is compatibility with a few systems as you are able to exploit them on iPhone, Android, in addition to in your PC


You may find or receive the following features on the PlayBeatz wireless earbuds. It has a range of 10 m radius, 500mAh battery capacity of the receiving field and their charging time is one and a half hours. You can enjoy audio continuously from 3 to 4 hours, life time of 180 hours and the earphones Weight is 4.7 g + 4.7 g. It's mild as a spring and 5.0 Wireless versions. PlayBeatz earphones are accessible with most of the Bluetooth units in addition to mobile phones, capsules, and notebooks.

PlayBeatz in-ear wireless Wireless headphones are tiny designed to create regular, clean, and advanced audio. The headphones set with numerous os's without difficulty. They're also produced to use both as a couple or separately, therefore even though you lose one, you are able to still enjoy the music. To gather extra details on Playbeatz please visit


It will come in a modern design, rendering it get precisely in your ears. Unlike almost every other headphones, PlayBeatz won't drop from your own ears aside from whatsoever activity you do. While work-out sessions, they will remain limited and inviting in the ears. Most little earbuds under this sort generally have a problem with bass. However, the event is the opposite of PlayBeatz. The pair of headphones enables you to listen or flow music all night and hours.