Truth: your world is in danger.


We are an anonymous consortium of friends. Oh, you'd know our names if we told you: celebrities, politicians, influencers. Don't doubt our power. Suffice it to say, our position gives us certain...knowledge. I can't reveal how exactly we know what we know, but if The Library Bards win the parody competition this year...the world may end.

X-Men, Avengers, call them all--no one will be able to stop their reign of terror.


What will happen? As always, the butterfly effect reigns supreme. Simply allowing them to win makes people applaud. Having this level of applause in one room in Chicago, IL creates seismic weather events across the world. Entire countries' crops are decimated, causing extinction-level events across the world. Riots in major metropoleis. Exit mundi.


Listen: believe us or don't. Only, understand that...the world's fate rests on your shoulders. Luckily, I know you're smart people.



You'll go from the beginning.

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