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This is another career option for the business analyst. It is a delightful opportunity for a business analyst to become a subject matter expert. This career path is the role of being proficient in a particular domain, industry or subject matter area. It can be an exciting and stimulating career path for those people who are interested in a specific field and want to make their career in that area.

Average starting salary: $65,000
Average mid-level salary: $82,000
Average late career salary: $91,000

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Mining is the start of any product's lifecycle as this is the stage where the raw materials for everything that is manufactured are obtained. A mining engineer typically designs both open pit and underground mines and supervises the excavation and construction of these. They also design methods for processing and transporting the mined materials to various processing plants. While the consumption trend for iron is set to begin falling in the next few decades, demand for lithium, copper, nickel and various other metals required in electronics and batteries is set to continue growing.
The scope of the Business Analyst in India: The scope of the business analyst profile is regularly growing in India and around the world. Today, it has turned out to be crucial for the more significant part of the association enlisting a big data expert for significant data insights. Investigating business analytics include a few things such as right business objectives, right technologies, the right resources, right business culture, and right top management commitment.

Business Analyst Salary in India: Business analysts can be termed as the most desirable job, having a remarkable combination of analytical and business abilities. Accordingly, the industry rewards business analysts with attractive salary packages. The Business analyst role provides a profitable salary that’s why it is one of the most desirable jobs for many professionals. For example, an average salary of a senior business analyst can range from INR 8 lakh to INR 9 lakh per annum, while a fresher can get the salary in the range of INR 4 lakh to INR 6 lakh per annum.

Average starting salary: $68,000
Average mid-level Salary: $89,000
Average late career salary: $109,000

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