Data Science Course and Its Needs

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a stack of different algorithms, statistics and mathematical process to store the data and promote business according to it. In short, it can be termed as analyzing data and producing it in profitable terms. The person who handle Data Science can be termed Data Scientists.

About Data Science Course

There are many concepts to be learned to become a perfect Data Scientist. This can be learned through a proper Data Science Course. The branches in the Data Science course include R and Python Programming, SQL, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Probability, Communication Skills, Data and Statistical Analysis. Machine learning can be termed as the scientific study of statistical and algorithm models which computer uses to perform a special task. Deep learning is completely opposite to Machine learning. In Deep Learning, a person learns data representations instead of algorithms.

Importance of Data Scientist

The task of becoming a Data Scientist isn’t easy. A good Data Scientist should have high mathematical and statistical knowledge. Most of the companies prefer a person with a Masters Degree or PhD for the application of Data Science post as more knowledge is required for it. Almost all companies present right now deal with data. They use the user’s data and compute them in a productive manner which could bring profit to their business. These important tasks are carried out by Data Scientists.

What are the Prospects and Challenges in the field?

 If you choose Data Science as your career, there are different scopes in it like Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Mining Engineer, Data Architect, and Senior Data Scientist. The profession of Data scientist has become the hottest job of the decade. There are many reports supporting the statement. The leading American magazine Forbes has stated that there is an average of 2900 job postings for Data Scientists each month. McKinsey Global Institute predicted that by 2018, there will be 200000 open positions for the Data Scientist post. Data Science is awarded the best job in the 21st century by Harvard Business Reviews and as per the report of Frost & Sullivan, Data market has reached the revenue of $122 billion in the last six years. The average salary of a Data scientist in India is around Rs. 620244 per year and according to the famous Job finding website, Indeed, the average salary of the Data Scientist falls around $123,000 a year.

                But there are also challenges faced by Data Scientists. The ability to extract useful information from raw data is a challenging one. There also needs to be some high level of knowledge in programming languages like R and Python. Data should be securely maintained by Data Scientists as there is vulnerability in hacker attacks. The challenge of becoming a Data Scientist is itself a difficult one as more knowledge and experience is needed for it.

                But to become a good Data Scientist and overcome the challenges faced by it, a person should learn Data Science Course at the earliest and start developing skills required for it.

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If mathematical knowledge and statistical analysis are your interest and something you want to learn in the field of it, then Data Science could be the perfect suit for it. The ExcelR  Data Science Course helps you to learn the skill required for Data Science and overcome challenges faced with it.