How to download from Putlocker and Sockshare



The steps are actually really simple, I know it may seem like alot but it really isn't. It's super easy.


1. You go to the Putlocker page of the video you want to download, click the "Continue as free user" button and there you will right click and select "View page source" (if it asks you to reconfirm or whatever, just refresh and click continue).


2. You will be taken to a page that has alot of html code. Just search (by using ctrl+f or command+f) get_file


3. Select the whole line, without quotes " " and copy it. Like this...





4. On your address bar type: and hit enter.


It will now give you a link that looks kind of like this:





5. Super long, I know... Just copy that and paste it on your address bar, replacing the .flv at the end with .mp4

Hit enter and it will begin to download.


That's it!!

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