this is part of the shore fit system the first time they put this throw weight in making the most adjustable driver yet so it's important if you do think about getting Stryver you get it fitted because your real dial in really dial in your distances really dial in and spin race and make a big difference so that's the second one on our list okay so the third driver that makes our list is the trixin 565 and 765 now these are two drivers from the same family one's got a slightly larger head - 565 and the 765 slightly smaller squatter for your better player that wants to see that now it's got ripple effect technology and a power wave sole this is all basically designed to improve the core which is the springiness of the face what I've also done like many manufactures is contemplate this crown make it much lighter the weight around and improve the MLI now we love the best golf drivers 2018 when he hits it we thought it was great it also looks the parts a fantastic looking driver stricture made liter huge leaps and bounds in recent years it's definitely one if you thinking about bond driver you need to get down your local PGA pro shop or big gold store try it out give it a few hits them and it might surprise you so forth on our list is clovers s7 driver now it's a continuation on from the Essex family they've redefined redeveloped the technology not not reinventing the wheel by any means because the looks are pretty similar the way it looks at address the way it sounds quite similar to the s6 but what they've done is they've made the crown 20% lighter redeveloped that and that's allowed them to put extra weight port in in the heel so previously you had a penetrating ball flight with a flip weight and a high ball flight now you can do both of those you can put an extra weight in the heel and that will create a draw bias as well now what they also have also included in the reins this year and you get this with every driver Cobra driver sold worldwide is Cobra connect the first time electronic chip electronic device has ever been used by a major plant manufacturer as far as we're aware you put you've got grip with a microchip in it and you download an app suppose to connect and then you can hit drivers on the course as normal just when you're playing with your friends and it will give you feedback on what you're doing kind of your stats refering reg stats or whether you want to have driving competitions with your mates or just getting ready driving competitions that anyone who's ever played at a hole will tell you who the king of the hole is so we love that that's the first and that's the fourth on our list the final driver to make our list is tailor made em to now in itself it's obviously a redefined redevelop version of the original m2 it's not groundbreaking they've made some changes that improve some of the technology that was in the m2 so the carbon crown which made them to so good and so groundbreaking it's still they're a little bit lighter the speed pocket they put in in the original is a bit deeper she getting a bit more face flexion now the original was absolutely fantastic driver this has been redeveloped a little bit little bit more or less a little bit better so if you're in the market for driver you've got one four or five years old for instance definitely worth going and give this a go we love the way it feels you love the way it sounds we love the way it flies there's obviously loads of guys out there using on tour if you've got the regional m2 it's probably not worth the upgrade in our opinion and I know that they'll be out with something new before too long which will be a bit bit of a bigger development so that's the final driver that makes our list