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|| Statement for the French people in general and the families of the French hostages in particular ||



Peace be upon those who follow guidance...


The world sees France Crusader and its aggression on Islamic Mali, motivated by the venom of historical trove and colonial greed to plunder the riches of Muslims, despite warnings from the Mujahedeen on execution the French hostages, as a punishment just blatant aggression France on our country and killing our safe children in their homes.


The Mujahedeen expressed in many occasions their intention to find a fair solution on the hostages file, but the French government stalling and avoiding its responsibilities towards its nationals, in a result of French government actions the Mujahedeen forced to apply death penalty on the French hostages after attempting to relieve them militarily, the attempts that have failed so many times from the Sahara to Somalia.


The willingness of  French politicians from left to right, to get rid of hostages file in the Al Qaeda, motivated by the worst solutions ,namely the execution of hostages by bombing them randomly or by the hands of the Mujahedeen, which is what actually happened on March 10, 2013 AD, when the Mujahedeen forced to applying death penalty on the spy Philip Vardon , Who was in the custody of Al-Qaeda since more than two years, as a reaction for the occupation of Islamic Mali and targeting  Mujahedeen bases.

The insistence of the French government for the occupation of Mali and rescue the hostages by force, is not in the benefit of the French people and hostages, because the youth of Islam will turn the whole  Africa into a quagmire and hell that drowns  the French army, make it impossible for French companies to remain , and the wise people  of  France should Limits errors of their Egoist politicians  and take on their hands before it is too late, because the Era of the direct and indirect occupation gone never to return by god's willing


We have followed with great interest the families of the hostages’ demonstrations in major French cities, and we like to alerts them to the following:


   1) Your hostages sons that kept by Al-Qaeda are still up to write this statement unharmed, except the spy Philip Vardon ,which Al-Qaeda announced killing him in revenge for killing our children and women in northern Mali, but we cannot guarantee their safety to infinity by aggression of your government and attacks of your army on the Mujahedeen  sites .


   2) Despite the aggression of France on our land, the Mujahedeen still seek a fair solution for rest of the hostages file, away from the force policy that failed in the preceding times that claimed the lives of French hostages in Mali, Somalia and today the spy Philip Vardon.


  3) Your government has been lying to you, and accuses the Mujahedeen cutting off communication through known intermediaries, in fact your government the one who cut off contact and ventured into the lives of your sons by its reckless policy, and their desperate attempt to liberate them in a manner that failed.


  4) We hold the French government full responsibility of the lives of your sons who kept by Al-Qaeda.


  5) Al-Qaeda has the right to comeuppance from all the French people, because what has befallen affects Muslims in Mali by the injustice and the unjust aggression from the French government and its aggressor army, because you have been elected your government freely.


  6) We warn French people of the consequences of continuing the unjust occupation of Mali by their government, and plundering the riches of Muslims in the whole Islamic Africa.


  7) We advise the hostage’s families and the French people to Pressure on president Hollande and his government, to withdraw his army from Mali, and leave Muslims alone, choosing the way of their lives freely, like they choose the way of their lives.


  8)The security in the world today is a non-divided matter, so either leave us safe in our homes, or we'll wasting your security as you wasting ours, so good with good and initiator is charitable .. And evil with evil and initiator is inequitable.


Allah says:” And indeed whosoever takes revenge after he has suffered wrong, for such there is no way (of blame) against them* The way (of blame) is only against those who oppress men and wrongly rebel in the earth, for such there will be a painful torment.”

 ((Al-Shura - Sura 42 - the number of verses 53))




God bless our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.



Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb

Al-Andalus Foundation for Media Production


Friday, Jumada the first 17, 1434

Corresponding to: 29 March 2013



Source: Fajr Media Center