Bachelor of Architecture

The Architect prepared at the University of San Pedro Sula will be an expert of high technical and humanistic level equipped for imagining and arranging the actual spaces that the exercises of man and society interest. 


Broadly useful 

To prepare experts equipped for acting in the various fields of Architecture that permit them to add to the monetary, physical, mental and otherworldly improvement of the Country. 

Explicit destinations 

Put together, consider and measurement the actual spaces where man completes his exercises. 

Know the development strategies and utilize materials. 

Apply and build up the fundamental ideas of physical and social wanting to advance the balanced requesting of human settlements. 


Plan of actual spaces. 

Development strategies, methods and techniques. 

Technical standards on physical and social arranging. 

Essential guidelines for the establishment of electrical, sterile, water powered and wellbeing gear in structures. 

Planning and venture details. 


Human relations practice. 

Settle on convenient and viable choices. 


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