3 Easy Steps How to Do the Human Flag That Build a Strong Core and Six Pack Abs

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A great unique exercise for building a strong core and six pack abs is the human flag. The human flag will not only help you to build a solid core but will also help you to build six pack abs too. This exercise is classed as a whole body exercise and will help you to get great whole body definition, strength and six pack abs. Below I'm going to give you 3 great tips to help you start doing the human flag so that you can start to build a rock hard solid core and build your six pack abs.

Tip 1

You need to start building up your obliques and making them stronger. You do this by performing front and side planks holding the position for as long as you can just using your own body weight. You can put a weight on your back when doing the front planks and also a weight on your sides when doing side planks. Doing planks will build your core up and make it stronger which is something you will need to do if you want to perform the human flag side plank benefits yoga.

Tip 2

Start doing the human flag with your knees tucked in and your knees bent. Doing the human flag this way will help you to build up to a full body spread flag. It will also help you to condition your core and obliques even more, so that you see gains much quicker in terms of strength. You need to perform the flag on both sides of your body too. The best way to practice is to start jumping or swinging your body up as if you are doing reps. The more you do, the more you will eventually start to be able to hold your own body weight for longer in the flag position.

Tip 3

Start building up your arm strength by doing more body weight exercises like push ups, pull ups and dips. You need to start building your arm and forearm strength up because your arms will need to be very strong. When doing the human flag your bottom arm will be your support beam arm which will take most of your weight and your top arm will just be used for pulling you in and keeping balance. Your bottom arm needs to be strong and if you don`t have enough strength in your arms and forearms your going to find it very difficult so make sure you start doing lots of push ups, pull ups, dips and any other body weight exercises. You will find they all help you when training to do the human flag