Vehicle identification number

Vehicle identification number (VIN) is the name 17 digits of the vehicle. The vehicle ID number consists of the characters and numbers given by car manufacturers to individual vehicles, each with its own meaning. Usually found installed on the driver's side of the driver by the windshield. It can also be found on the driver's side door and engine firewall.

VIN decoder, in short, is a typical serial number used by automotive manufacturers to identify each motorized vehicle. The amount of vehicle identification was first used in motorized vehicles in 1954; each manufacturer uses the VIN format of each until 1981 and makes this system very confusing.

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA) standardized the format in 1981 to become the current VIN 17 digit format.

NHTSA requires motorized vehicles on the road to be sold, must have a standard 17 digit vehicle identification number.

VIN is an abbreviation for the vehicle identification number. The terms and other words of Vin are:

  • Vehicle ID number
  • Car ID
  • Serial number
  • Vin car
  • Vin number (redundan, but wrong)

Vehicle identification numbers such as vehicle fingerprints, unique for individual cars, can tell you a lot about the history of the vehicle. Whatever is reported about cars through insurance companies, titles, law enforcement agencies, etc., will be reported through Vin Vehicles (similar to your social security number).

Some online vehicle history companies provide information to car buyers they need to find vehicles branded and lemon titles by finding a history of vehicles using Vin.

Before buying a used car, I strongly recommend that you have an independent certified mechanical check for mechanical problems with vehicles, and review a report on the history of used vehicles for each hidden problem that may be charged for long -term money.

Where found the vehicle identification number on the vehicle

Depending on the manufacturer, Vin can be found in Vin plates, stickers, or labeled in all vehicles. The most common places for vehicle ID numbers can be found are: