How to Stream Free Music Online - Best Free Music Online Streaming Platforms

A life without music is truly unimaginable. Whether on the web, mobile phones, or tablets, the options for music access are unlimited and so are the streaming music services that are growing at lightning-fast speed. This makes it very complicated to choose one or two from them and decide the most appropriate one.


The following list of best free online music streaming platforms will help you out of the complicated state and make it easier for you to decide as to which ones are the best to get a space in your devices without burning a hole in your pockets.


Best free music streaming sites


Deezer is one of the more mature and experienced music streaming service providers, having started in 2006. The site has as many as 30 million music options in its catalog and is compatible with almost all the platforms, from Android to Blackberry, PC to Windows. You can also download Deezer music with Deeezloader for free.


The company offers unlimited free music access to the user for one month and then restricts the access to two hours. Deezer is one of the companies with the largest catalog and provides all the basic features. By paying for upgrades, the users can also remove the access restriction and listen to higher-quality tracks.


On LiveXLive, you’ll mostly find big artists, bands, and songs along with interviews and news. While you won’t be able to stream all songs on-demand for free due to licensing restrictions, you will be able to create a station of similar tracks/artists from nearly any song. When you use the LiveXLive website or app, you can choose from events, music, videos, or podcasts. There’s also a tab labeled “My Library” where you can save and share your favorite music if you create a free account.


To get started, you can browse stations, genres, and original shows in the “Music” tab. You’ll find top charts, playlists, and custom stations in this tab. For more entertainment, the “Events” tab provides access to exclusive performances, interviews, and music news. Once you’ve found a song, show, or series that you’d like to check out, just click “watch” or “listen.”


Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services. It has a radio-like experience with some on-demand features. Free users can stream ad-supported music while paying users can stream on-demand, get offline access, and listen to ad-free music. One of the features that sets Spotify apart is its recommendations.


For example, the Discover Weekly playlist is a hugely popular feature that recommends 30 songs to you each Monday based on what you’ve been listening to. This and other features have made Spotify the most popular streaming service out there with over 70 million paying users.


SoundCloud can be described as YouTube for music. It has a vast collection of music created by artists across the globe. Since it features music from independent artists, it does take a little more searching to find the music you like. But, once you follow a few good artists, you can always find good music in your feed.


The free version of SoundCloud is ad-supported. It also offers a premium plan—SoundCloud Go+—that removes the ads and adds offline listening. SoundCloud Go+ runs $9.99 per month. Another premium plan—SoundCloud Pro—is designed for the artists that share their music on SoundCloud. This plan provides higher upload limits, detailed analytics, and a few other features.


YouTube is usually the first resource I check if I’m looking for free music online. Most artists and companies upload the newest music tracks and videos to YouTube, and tons of independent streamers have uploaded free music over the years. Now, you can just enter a song title, artist name, or keyword to find what you’re looking for.


In addition to specific songs that you may be looking for, YouTube is also full of playlists and internet radio stations. I like to search for “lo-fi music” and listen to a live stream for background noise. In addition to streaming and radio, some songs are available to download from YouTube. You can find free music online by visiting YouTube’s website or download the YouTube app for your iOS or Android device.


While we wish that we could recommend just one of these websites as the best for your streaming needs, we can’t. Everyone has a different taste in music, and the sheer amount of music available makes it impossible to declare one service the best. We recommend that you have a go at all these sites to find out for yourself which ones you like the most.