2012 and the Great Mystery


2012: a forthcoming event that in the last years is bringing to light a lot of submerged human material. For someone, a symbol of an important astronomical and/or astrological change, for someone else a great leap in the evolution of consciousness, for others the prophetic genius of ancient populations. And again, a symbol of fear - fear of the Third World War, the ecological disaster, the collapse of the institutions, the end of the world, in essence, fear of death, that we human beings project out into various shapes.

Now, in this ocean of prophecies, dreams and interpretations, one thing is true for everyone: no one can be certain of what will happen in 2012, at least not until that year comes, and will be completed. And even after that 2013 has begun, I would not be so sure that 2012 will have been the same experience for everyone, certainly every person and group will have lived it in a particular and unique way, with elements that are common to others, and instead of the elements that distinguished him.

So what's the sense of projecting million films about 2012? Because if it happens, and most importantly in the form of a mass phenomenon which is currently, there is a reason!

To me the point is that 2012 is a powerful symbol, and not by chance that this date has become so important also because it is mentioned in the prophecies of many ancient peoples. The prophecy is a symbol of rebirth, someone announces that, through a magnificent view, will come a new golden age, and so stimulate individuals and groups to improve themselves, to make progress, to create the conditions for a “new age of Gold”, on a subjective level and collectively at the same time. 2012 as a symbolic passage from darkness to light: the year of the big end of an era and the beginning of another era, a golden one.

It is clear that humanity needs this myth in this age, as it has happened in the past, and perhaps will continue to happen in the future.

I try to go further.

The symbol is a form that is used as a means to represent the underlying substance, for example, in the light I want to connect or communicate the energy and use the word "light" or an image that I associate with it (the sun, fire, the lamp etc.). But the light is neither the letters and the sound of a word or an image, and these are its representations. I personally see the substance behind the symbol of 2012 is made of death, rebirth, deep, light, fear, overcoming the veil of illusion, wonder and grandeur - all that I think can be summed expression Great Mystery.

I find that humanity at this time feel a strong need to address this aspect of life, thereby doing the magical dimension. The Great Mystery, in fact, has the power to make us feel at the same time immensely large and immensely small: we realize that we are part of an infinite network in which everything is interconnected and that we as individuals are irrelevant entities in all, but we realize also that, with the intent we can move energy and create just like God. We can call the first glance, to be immeasurably small, humility, and second, to be immensely great, magic.

This interpretation, from my point of view, is sensible and consistent as the excess of individualism has made it very hard to be humble, feeding instead vanity, narcissism and delusions of omnipotence of all kinds. On the other hand, the extreme materialism has divided us from the magical powers, which are part of human nature as much as going to the bathroom.

I am deeply convinced that many individuals and societies need to address this process, reconnect with the infinite network in which everything is understood and recapture the magic dimension of existence, using this knowledge and experience in a natural way and according to his conscience . In other words, entering the Great Mystery, in 2012.

Ilaria Cusano

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