Fundamental Guidelines to improve Viagra's Efficiency

There exists a maxim in a few cultures, proclaiming that there are three things eveiry man should perform during his life - to plant a tree, to create a home also to help with a son.

Despite seeming simplicity and easiness of the tasks, it always takes the whole life males to achieve these goals. The best way just isn't very easy because of different obstacles and trials, made by Destiny.

One of such trials is male impotence (ED) - sexual disorder, disabling millions of men all over the world from performing their reproductive function.

Happily, people invented Viagra, blue diamond-shaped pills, restoring erectile functionality of the penis and bringing vividness and plenitude of feelings returning to your life.

150 countless written prescriptions, 700 000 physicians, recommending Viagra because treatment selection for ED and a world-fame status include the connection between the initial Several years of Viagra's presence out there, mainly because it was approved by American Fda in 1998.

The latest studies demonstrated that 91% that face men helped by Viagra had successful sexual intercourses. 51% of them became ready for love game when 20 mins.

Though these figures are extremely encouraging, you can still find instances when individuals are not completely delighted by Viagra treatment. There are lots of basic rules in utilizing Viagra, which can be crucially essential for ensuring the best results and efficiency.

1) Stimulation - Viagra is the medication, which increases the the circulation of blood in to the penis, thus ensuring its erection, as a result of sexual stimulation. So, choosing a pill of Viagra and near TV, watching latest news is not a good option to get an erection. Viagra works only in conjunction with sexual stimulation, like love foreplay, kissing and caress.


2) Persistence - this issue is essential not merely when fighting with erectile dysfunction. Every goal requires certain efforts to succeed in it. Sometimes, specially when a male experienced ED for a long time, it some time to prepare his body and soul for normal sex again.

3) Food and alcohol - Viagra's producers point out that it really works with or without food and alcohol. However the highest efficiency Viagra demonstrates when taken on empty stomach or after low-fat meal.

4) Dose optimization - Viagra comes in 25-, 50- and 100-mg doses. It helps physicians to produce a prescription of Viagra dose, looking at age, health problem, chronic diseases, nature and causes of male impotence in every single particular case.

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