Perform a Sensual Massage Like a Professional - Surprise Your Partner With These 3 Massage Tips

If you perform a sensual massage on someone you love correctly this will create a loving bond between you like nothing you have felt before. However to ensure that you do it correctly you must make sure that you partner is comfortable before you begin.


Below we offer some tips that could prove useful and help to ensure that your partner is comfortable before you begin the massage. 


Tip 1 - You need to make sure that the surface on which your partner is to lay whilst the massage is carried out is strong enough to take the weight. Although a massage table is best if not a bed or the floor can be used instead. Why not get a soft sheepskin rug on which they can and will further add to the feelings that the massage are creating inside them.

Tip 2 - It is important that you provide your partners head with plenty of support as you carrying out the massage. So either place a cushion or rolled up towel underneath their head to give them the support it needs. navigate to this web-site 영등포 출장


Tip 3 - Initially your partner may feel a little self conscious about lying naked in front of you when you are giving them a sensual massage. So provide them with some towels or a sheet that they can use to cover up the areas of the body which you are not working on. Plus providing a cover will help them to remain warm. A cold person will find it far more difficult to become relaxed no matter how good you are at giving a sensual massage.