seo issues meaning

Sometimes no matter how many times you explain something to a customer they just don’t get it. I do Search Engine Optimization all over the United States for customers.


Now depending on the type of business they have I pretty much know ahead of time if I can get them listed on the first page of Google and Yahoo. With that said just because you get them listed on the first page of major search engines does not guarantee results.


Point in case….Company out of California does pool renovations, design, repairs, etc…They service the high-end customers of California so you can pretty much guess where their customers live.


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Received the call from the potential customer and they said what they wanted and how their website was nowhere to be found on the search engines for any type of search.


Did a bit of research of the site and of the competition (very important to do ahead of time). After checking it all out I told them about a half dozen keywords that I could get listed on the first page of the search engines.


Now fast forward about 6 months and I get a call saying that they are not really seeing any results. Now, I have to go do some more research and see if the site has changed at all or if anyone had done any editing of the site to change the search placement.


Come to find out they did try to tweak a few pages (does not help) but other than that they are still coming up on the first pages.


Did a thorough review of their stats and it reflects a massive increase in traffic coming to their site. So next step is to determine why they are not seeing much increase in business.


Make a few calls to competitors and find out a few prices, timeline to complete work, etc. Well come to find out my customer charges about double for the work and is pretty well booked weeks out for new customers.


I pass on my finding and I am told they charge more because “they are the best”……Well, not much I can argue with there….I told them it’s their choice they can be the best and not get the work based on the prices, or they can lower the prices a bit and see what happens.


Plus, it’s one thing to “claim” you are the best and I told them that…But, you have to be able to make the customer believe you are the best and have them accept your pricing structure.


Another month passes and we talk again, but this time they had lowed their prices a bit and picked up a temp worker to cover some of the minor repairs, etc that had to be done. Amazingly their profits picked up….


The point to the story is just because you do SEO work for someone that does not guarantee “profits” as a result of your work. It’s very important to track this with your customers so they fully understand just what needs to be done.


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