What to Do When Your Competition Sucks

There are actually tonnes and tonnes of blogs out there running competitive events and a few of them are bound to run a competition that just is catagorized completely flat on it's face.

Personally, recently I currently have run one such competition. This concursos asbestos, which is still working (but which I do not speak of) is one of these varieties of competitions. Every now and then you will run a competition that fails. Finally, there are loads of blogs out there that will tell you how to operate a successful competition but non-e I have seen yet that could tell you what to do when your competition fails.

As you know I delight myself on my honest and I hate those people who try to "fake it to make it" so I will be speaking from my experience. Because I successfully overcame a sucky opposition to launch a super successful competition which was my "Top Commentator" Competition.

Firstly just so you know a few motives a competition can suck is because it has too many ways to input, it can be too hard to enter, the prize can suck, will possibly not have enough readers for it to be successful, it has crappy marketing and so no one knows about it. They are just a few. I pretty much does all of these

OK so lets get into it.

1 . Throw away It
This is the first option, and if you have had non-e (or barely any) entries then this can be a good idea. Nevertheless otherwise it can be a really bad idea because people can get genuinely angry at you and there can actually be legal issues in the event that people have done things for you to gain entries. So typically I would avoid this one, but if no one has entered subsequently destroy all mentions to the competition and get on using life.

2 . Change It
Again I would be very careful regarding this one because if people have already entered then it can be difficult to change. But instead of having a competition where people can get into 5 ways, change it midstream so there is just one approach to enter and focus on people doing that. This can turn the competition a lot better and more effective.

3. Hide It
Only hide your competition as best you can. Count the previous posts but delete the post that talks about the competition plus delete any links to the competition. This way no one different will enter and it will be simple to choose a winner in late your competition

4. Just Let It Run It's Course
You may just leave your blog there, let people find it permitting people participate as they want to, but don't put in just about any extra effort to market it. Just let it build anyone new readers organically.

5. Market It
Your blog might just own fallen flat because of a lack of marketing so market the heck out of it. Add it to your signature in your forum placing, write about it in forums, write about it throughout your blog site, leave comments linking to your competition page. Do anything you can to get the exposure you need to get.

6. Start a Even bigger and Better Competition
I left this till very last because this is exactly what I did. You need to learn from your faults and then use that knowledge to make your next competition even bigger. My last competition the prize sucked (sorry Jason) so in my new competition I offered a better create which was $50 in cold hard cash. My marketing ended up being bogus in my previous competition so in this competition My spouse and i launched it the same day I did a guest posting on JohnChow. com this way all the traffic coming from Ruben Chow would see this competition and hopefully desire to enter. In my last one there were too many ways to enter in, this new competition there is just one way to enter and that is participating. My comments have increased 10 fold because of this bigger and better competition.

You live in a time where acquiring rich has never been easier. We live in the information age plus the ability for anyone to join the ranks of the rich and even mega rich has gotten easier and easier. You only need to know how you can become rich.