Clashes that has erupted in Egypt continues over 2 week. Egyptian people accuses new President M.Morsi in efforts to restore dictatorship. Egypt president who become a target of opposition parties for his new constitutional project has been forced to carry out referendum.

M .Morsi and “Muslim Brotherhood” planning to modernize current regime with new reforms in state court field.


The office of the president of Egypt Mohamed Morsi at midnight declared "change" of the presidential decree of the November 22 conferring to Murcia emergency powers. It was soon declared that the decree is cancelled, however the referendum under the constitution will pass in the appointed term.


By this way President tries to deprive opposition of the bases to accuse him of "dictatorship", but after all "to press through" the draft of the constitution fixing supremacy of Shariat in Egypt. Morsi calls opposition to edit new constitution after it will accept by country population. But unfortunately this compromise is not enough for opposition demands. Particularly, after government offered to reschedule the referendum.


On Saturday, Prime Minister Hisham Kandil gave an statement on TV that President agree with referendum date. According to Egypt’s rules the referendum has to take place in two weeks after its announcement.


However leaders of opposition refuse negotiations with the president without performance of two conditions: decree cancellations of November 22 and referendum cancellation under the "Islamic" constitution. Well-known opposition leader and chairman of “Constitution Party” Mohammed Al Baradei also join antiMorsi group that placed in the Tahrir Square. M.Baradei claimed up that : “Egypt once gained it is freddom from Hosni Mubarak, and it is able to gain again from Morsi. Our people never give up in front of tyranny” (Ahram Online)


Morsi unexpectedly for many analysts proved his political authority, clever politician who achieved a certain lifting of prestige of Egypt. He, as we know, achieved situation settlement, and Clinton acted in alliance with the president Obama, at the same time kept that course which earlier conducted concerning Middle Eastern crisis, acting as the intermediary. After all  Egypt mediated and in the course of reconciliation between Fatah and HAMAS and, on the other hand, between Israel and Palestinians.


Today Egypt in front of serious calls, a certain fight began, but I do not consider it necessary to dramatize it. Members of the Constitutional court temporarily froze the activity, stopped powers, but it too does not conduct to civil war. But it is necessary to think how to provide pluralistic system for Egypt in which there are many different national groups including Christians, Copts, people of different orientations because this big population, the large country, and to impose it any one model very difficult.

Other important task Is the Syrian problem in which Egypt tries to play too the intermediary role, and calls from such states as Iran which relations became aggravated with other Sunni large states. Egypt tries not to occupy someone's side, to some extent looks narrowly at experience of Turkey. But after all Turkey began reforms in respect of increase of a role of Islam when the Party of Justice and Development achieved that Turkey was included into the twenty of the most developed states of the world, at domination of this party.

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