Considerations in Achieving Your New Haircut Or Hairstyle Successfully


You will need to do a little research ahead of time to be able to explain to your stylist what you would like to achieve with your new haircut and hairstyle.

To begin with, I would suggest that you spend some time looking in hairstyle magazines, or online, to find face shapes that might be similar to yours. The most common face shapes are: heart shaped, round, oblong, and square.

You can get even more specific by looking at features such as the hairline type, (low or high hairline). also nose and eye types that are also similar to yours. There may be other features you would also like to consider in helping you better choose the appropriate hairstyle. Now, perhaps, you can begin to imagine if the hairstyles on these women or men would look good you. When a person is drawn to a particular hairstyle, this is commonly a good indication of what may actually look good on them also.

After you have enough pictures chosen, next you should spend some time ruling out the pictures of hairstyles that just would not fit your facial structure, hair texture, hairline, life style, and so on. It will be up to you to determine which pictures are feasible.

By this time you are probably getting close to a hairstyle that you can fall in love with. 
But there are a few more considerations to think about.

Do you have naturally straight hair, or curly? Is your hair thick and coarse, or baby fine and thin? Maybe your hair is a medium texture, and fairly easy to manage. When choosing a good stylist these are the considerations she or he will be making even as they talk to you about your hair, and the style you have chosen. Other ideas to consider might be, do you want to show your ears, your forehead and maybe accentuate the nose or the eyes?

Haircuts and hairstyles can flatter your features or take attention away from them.

Do not forget about your neck. Do you have a short or long neck? One should always think about the length of their hair in proportion to their personal neck structure. This can really make a difference in your overall appearance.

Full bangs, or a side swoop bang, possibly even no bang at all will need to be decided. Bangs can accentuate the eyes and give a softer look to your face. They can also cover a high forehead. Whereas a swoop- side bang, or even no bangs are nice for some face shapes, especially if you have a lower hairline.

If the hairstyle you have chosen has layers, you may ask yourself do I feel comfortable with the layers short, medium, or long? Also, will the hairstyle still work if I change the length of the layers to better suit me. Is that feasible? This is a question the stylist should readily know the answer to. Sometimes hairstyles can change completely when the layering length is changed away from that which is appropriate for that particular hairstyle.

Blunt cuts, are designed from a technique used to cut the hair straight across on the ends. This technique of cutting leaves the hair a bit heavier than a razor cut, or point cut. Look at the edges of the hair in the picture you have chosen, and notice if the hair is bluntly cut, or if it appears more textured or feathery on the ends which would indicate a razor, or point cut. Again, a good stylist can see this right away and help you decide which technique was probably used in the picture you have chosen. The stylist can also help you decide if this technique of cutting is appropriate for your hair texture.

Always remember when choosing a new haircut and hairstyle to ask your stylist how often it should be trimmed to maintain the look that you want.

The stylist should also be able to tell you before the haircut if the hairstyle you have chosen will require certain products to create. This information is vital to know before the haircut and hairstyle begins. Very frequently styles may require various products, and you might be a person who does not like a lot of products in your hair.

If you are a busy person, you should ask how long it will take to style the hairstyle you have chosen, and is the hairstyle simple or difficult to achieve.

Ask your stylist if you require special tools to style the hairstyle you have chosen.
Have him or her demonstrate how to fix this style after they have given you the haircut. It is their job to teach you how to style your hair after cutting it.

Never be afraid to ask your hair stylist questions. It is expected.

After being a stylist for many years, I wanted the opportunity to help people learn to communicate better with their stylist to accomplish a wonderful experience in the hair salon, and acquire a haircut and hairstyle that they can enjoy.

As a professional hair stylist I have always felt that clients need as much knowledge as possible to help them better communicate with their hair stylist. I hope this article will be of help to you the next time you have a hair coloring service rendered.