Things To Keep In Mind While Installing Your Kitchen


In metro cities, the area is measured in square foot, which shows that every inch of an area counts. The area in the cities is considered premium, therefore, methods are being discovered to extract the maximum out of the available space. The concept of modular kitchen installations is one of the discoveries to make the best use of the space. Kitchen nowadays is clutter-free, clean, and provide appropriate space for movement.

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Following are the things to consider while installing a kitchen:-

Storage requirement – Storage requirements have to be analyses in order to plan the placement of drawers, shelf cabinets or tall units. The capacity of storage depends on the usage pattern i.e. whether you stock the groceries monthly or weekly. If your house includes elderly people, the pullouts and drawers must be convenient and easy to use.

Counter Top – The counter top decides the longevity of the kitchen. It attracts everyone’s attention. The shine and precision of the counter top can influence the whole look of the kitchen. With the appearance, the material of the counter top also matters. Whether you go for marble granite or engineered stone depends on the type of cooking done in your house.

Drawers vs cabinets - You must go for sectional drawers over cabinets for optimum utilization of the storage space. Steel-wood combo is known to provide a durable life.

WORKING AREA – Proper space between cooking area, washing, and stocking must be planned to avoid messing up the area. Ideally, these spaces should at least have three feet of space between them to ensure smooth working in the kitchen.

Ventilation – Safety and ventilation aspects must be your priority. Large windows are recommended. If open space is an issue, chimneys and exhausts can be an effective alternative.

Good reflector colors –You should avoid dark colors like black and brown, as they are not good reflectors. Install good quality lights on the ceiling and walls. Install advanced chimneys over the cooking space to ensure proper ventilation.

Kitchen layout –The design of your kitchen totally depends on the availability of the space. For example, if the space is small, a parallel or straight kitchen would be the best and a practical choice, otherwise, the space would look cramped. Whereas larger spaces can be planned in an L shape, U shape or as island kitchen designs.

Electrical fixtures –Electrical and plumbing slots have to be per-planned before designing the kitchen, especially in case of apartments. In independent houses, you can plan these aspects, as per the modular units. You must ensure an easy outlet for water. The kitchen must be well lit and ventilated. Electrical points must be present in the corners for big appliances.

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