'Illusionary Dominace'

The ultimate in speed and destruction, Aya comes as fast as the wind and hits like a hurricane.



Hatate's Cellphone

Made by Nitori Technology Industries, this cellphone is made for those crucial split second photographs.



Squall "Sarutahiko's Guidance"

With an extreme burst of speed, Aya rushes in and smashes faces. And takes photographs. Whichever seems more appropriate.



Wind God “Storm Day”

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And that’s exactly what Aya does with her wind manipulation.


Mad Milk:

Aya’s Mysterious Fluid

...don’t ask. But here’s a hint: she’s not aptly nicknamed ‘the slut of Gensokyo’ for nothing.



Bunbunmaru Express

With a whack of the bat, a neat copy of the daily Bunbunmaru Newspaper lands directly on your doorstep. Or face, in this case.



Rotation Sign "Calamity Waving Fan"

Wielding it carefully, Aya rarely breaks out this particular bat for the sole reason that it seems to hit herself more often than not.


Soda Popper:

“Peerless Wind God”

There’s nothing better than combining pleasure and work. Running to prepare for work? Sign Aya up!






Black Box:

Atomic Fire "Uncontainable Nuclear Reaction"

Like an overloaded nuclear reactor, Utsuho just keeps feeding herself power with every shot. It’s not unusual to see her drunk with power when using this.







The blessing/curse bestowed onto Mokou, she's run you through with the speed and precision of a runaway train.







Q.E.D. "Ripples of 495 Years"

The rage of a girl trapped in her room for 495 years, Flandre just can't contain her emotions any more.



Taboo "Laevatein"

Taken from the god of mischief, Loki, Flandre holds nothing back when using the mystical sword.



Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir"

Sisterly love at its best, Remilia lent her spear to Flandre when the Scarlet Devil heard she was going out to have 'fun'.



Taboo "Cranberry Trap"

A trap laid by Flandre so sweet that you'll die. Literally.







Oni Sign "Massacre on Mt. Ooe"

It happened when Suika was drunk. Don't ask. Not that she'll ever sober up.



Drunken Dream "Art of Segaki Binding"

The mystical art of binding demons, Suika managed to transfer the power into this particular minigun.


Brass Beast:

"Knock Out In Three Steps"

Technique commonly known to all oni, three steps are all Suika needs to break any and everything.


Holiday Punch:

Gathering Laughter of the Gods

Let the party begin, and may laughter be heard across the land.












Apple hat:

Hawk Eye

Proof of Rena's training, it's a memento she always kept from her successful archer initiation.



Rail Stinger

An archery skill passed on from generation to generation, Rena uses this skill as her bread and butter.


Croc hat:

Undying Will:

Just hanging on by the skin of her teeth. "Not yet."



Stigma Snipe

A mark of the plague upon the target, if the shock doesn't kill them first.


Danger Shield:

Friendship with Nature

It took a long time for Rena to gather the amount of skin needed from crocodiles who died from natural causes.



Nature Force

Exploitation of a target's weakness is highly important to an assassin such as Rena.



Sharpshooter Syndrome

Remembering Chung's lessons, Rena concentrates and settling into the rhythm of quickly dispatching targets one by one.



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