Best Share Trading Platform: Top 6 Amazing Facts about Stock Trading

Gone are the days when brokers were required to play the stock market. It has been evolved a lot since its inception, and its latest evolution is online stock trading nowadays. Its algorithms are getting complex day by day, due to which it seems like an exercise in confusion. However, now stock trading is easy with the help of a computer and an internet connection. You can easily buy, sell and trade shares quickly. Moreover, if the prices of your shares begin to fall, you can sell them which will save your money.

If you are looking for the Best Share Trading Platform, you can find many options. Choosing the right one is a difficult task, but a little research is worth it. Before you select anyone, you need to know the facts about stock trading. It will help you to get more profit and create an impression on your friends' mind. In this guide, we will be discussing the facts about stock trading.

Amazing facts about stock trading:

1.Oldest stock market:

Although stock trading is popular all over the world; you can easily find a number of stock traders in almost every city. But, the title of the first stock trading market belongs to Amsterdam. It was started in 1602 by the Dutch East India Company that was merged with the Brussels Stock Exchange and the Paris Stock Exchange on 22 September 2000. It is known as Euronext Amsterdam nowadays.


It is a short form of New York Stock Exchange which is also known as Big Board. This is the biggest share trading platform in the world and the largest in the United States. Its market opened in 1792 for the first time.

3.Most expensive stock in the world:

The most expensive stock in the world is the Warren Buffet’s Hathaway, Class A, which is priced at USD 213,330 per share. The reason behind this is that the company doesn’t split the shares.

4.Cursed October:

The two worst stock market crashes in the month of October. The first occurred in 1929 where the share prices were at a 25% decline and another one occurred in 1987 and the stock market was declined by one fourth. That is why October month is considered as the cursed month.

5.Loss of $224 due to typing mistake:

In 2006, a broker for Mizuho Securities in Japan planned to sell off a single J-Com Co. share for 610,000 yen. But he made a mistake while typing and typed 610,000 shares for 1 yen. Due to this error, the Mizuho’s shares drop immediately and this caused a loss of around $224 Million.

6.BSE in India:

BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange which has the highest number of listed companies in the world with an estimate of 5689 companies. National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India has around 1750 companies.

These were some interesting facts about the stock market. If you are looking for the Best Share Trading Platform, you can find many choices. Selecting the right one is not an easy job, but a little research is worth it. Explore the internet and find according to your budget.