Chika: "The 1st LIVE is just ahead and the girls of Aqours are practicing hard everyday! Our goal is to make it the best concert possible♡ I will need a BIG smile so it won't be hidden behind the GIGANTIC stage. I'll do my best!"

Riko: "The live feels so far away, but it'll be here in less than 1 month's time... Just imagining it makes me so nervous! I want to have no regrets after this day, so I'll try my best to make it through! Please give us your support♡"

Kanan: "I'm usually not the tense-type of person but, the nerves are getting to my head even before the concert. If I see all of you, I'm sure the tension will fade off. I guess you really do feel the best under the summer sky!! Everyoneeeee, I'm waiting♡"

Dia: "Even today, I can't believe the time our small, seaside story reached such a big stage. But our spirit is big--- join us in our efforts to take this first step. Please enjoy our concert!"

You: "Hiya!!! It seems like our chance has arrived at last! Still, I don't believe it! Ehehe~ But when the day comes around, I'll feel the absolute best!! Please take some of that energy and jump into your stadium seating! Yousoro♡"

Yoshiko: "The time Yohane has been waiting for, our very first live, is almost here!! Are all of you ready? On that day, the fallen angel, Yohane will be at maximum power! I will open the gates of Hell and this little demon will burn everything to flames."

Hanamaru: "I thought I was nervous about ora's 1st LIVE, but I've been practicing every single day. Maybe this is why it's getting more funnn♡ I can do it! I know I can do it!! Is this... the magic of idols? Come on! I want to show this achievement to everyone zura!~"

Mari: "On this big stage, I want all of you to see Mari sparkling! It's fun listening to music alone, but it's surely more exciting with dozens of other people enjoying it. I want to feel that excitement....and remember it forever.♡"

Ruby: "AHHhhh.... uhh- umm- uhh- umm- You see, Ruby might cry a bit on stage, but I promise to put up with the fear and be a shining idol for everyone!! My heart is beating so fast, I have to be careful and not get a stomach ache..."

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