Compensation For Delayed Flights: Your Rights And Getting Into The Process Of Getting The Claim


There are many situations when one is delayed or cancelled. If you have ever been bumped or denied boarding on a flight, you could be entitled to airline compensation. The courts have provided regulations for the airline to compensate for the frustration and inconvenience felt by the passengers when there are flight delays due to negligence on part of the airlines. The amount of Compensation For Delayed Flights would depend on a number of factors.

The passengers retain the power to apply for the compensation that they are entitled to. As deemed by many passengers, you are not helpless in reclaiming the compensations. However, if you are not aware of your rights, you would not take the first step to make the flight delay compensation claim. Passengers can directly file the claim themselves with the airline. However, the airlines are not inclined to pay the claims readily and many times one has to deal with the tactics of the airlines to avoid the paying of the compensation. In such a situation, one can take the help of companies helping in claiming the compensation for late flights.Conditions for an eligible claim.

One must understand under what circumstances, you are eligible for compensation. In case, you have had a disrupted flight over the past three years, the airlines owe you money. The law known EC 261 protects one from delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights.

1. One is not eligible for flight delay compensation in case the flight has been delayed or cancelled in the US unless you opt for not flying the airline. In such a situation you would get the complete refund for your flight. However, in case you have been delayed or had cancelled flight while travelling to and from Europe, you would be eligible for compensation for late flights.

2. But, in case the situation has been due to 'extraordinary circumstances' that are beyond the control of the airline. The compensation for a cancelled flight is also not applicable in case the flight has informed you about the same at least 14 days prior.

3. In case, you have been denied and you have been flying in the US from or to Europe, you are eligible for compensation.  If your flight arrives late by one to two hours, you are eligible for a 200 percent of the one-way fare that you have paid.

4. In case, of passengers being denied boarding in a flight that has been late by more than two hours late, the eligibility compensation rises up to 400 percent of the one way fare.

5. In case of boarding denied in Europe, a person is entitled to €250 and €600 per passenger alongside the refund of the complete reservation.
However, there are a few precautions you must exercise in order to make claim for the compensation for late flights. You need to keep your boarding pass and other travel documents.  Moreover, one should ask why the flight has been cancelled. You and also request a refund or an alternate flight to your final destination. You can also get help for making claims for Compensation For Late Flights from reputed firms.