The comment in question was just removed by mods. Wonder if they were getting a kickback?

Original below (all formatting lost - I'm on mobile fixed):

This is an ad.

the title is off, the questions are overtly positive and ridiculously answer almost everything you need to know before trying/switching (i'm surprised someone didn't mention the price lol) EDIT (HOLY SHIT IN THE VIDEO IT ACTUALLY SHOWS THE PRICE AHAHAHA IT'S ON SALE GUYS LOL), links provided by OP to download the app, unrealistic levels of downvoting on negative comments/comments that detach from the brand message.

edit: btw don't assume just because the accounts being used are old, that the poster is legit. They have accounts that they use day-to-day which become more "valuable" the more "regular" they look. The only thing they haven't gotten down pat is the "flow" of conversation on reddit. It's something that will be very very hard for viral advertising companies to replicate in the future. Maybe just smarter posters, maybe computer algorithms, who knows

here's the comments:

Comment 1 (arkenex): describes seeing the wine, and proclaiming he/she is going to "TRY this" (a classic market segment)

Comment 2 (ilovethefall): Asking what app you need followed by a download link provided by OP

Comment 3 (DFile): describes buying this wine before, but not knowing about the app (another classic market segment)

Comment 4 (TaskForceDANGER): unclear if paid for or not

Comment 5 (Chomp_On_This): asks where can he find the app, OP gives him the link (in both android and apple, how convenient)

Comment 6 (BOWL_OF_OATMEAL_AMA): get a weird vibe from this one again, proclaims he/she is a brand loyal customer currently, but lacked the "education" regarding the use of the app (so now herself, as well as others wondering this now know the answer)

Comment 7 (AmbitiousTrader): another comment requesting further information on the compatibility of the app on the current phones of today. A customer, from a marketers point of view, might think AR might be too "high tech" for people with older phones. Thankfully OP gives a little explanation of how the technology works (educating the market), and proclaims that "it works with any smartphone"

Comment 8 (purpxboxcontroller): claims he has seen a similar video before (which i have too), which could be further evidence of a targeted marketing campaign, from a marketing firm specializing in viral online advertising, hired by the folks at whatever wine company this is. Furthermore this guy gets -22 downvotes in a mostly dead comment chain, and OP replies with a nothing statement with 21 upvotes WTF

Comment 9 (ME): ???

Comment ???: since i made my comment over an hour from making this comment now, not a single person has made a fake sounding comment...hmmm. Not ONE single person is interested what app they need, or that they are a fan, or that that they need to try it? So many people an hour ago?

i'm not even saying DON'T sell too me online, it's inevitable, it's capitalism. All i ask is just find a way to be better at what you people do, because i know i'm not the only one seeing this shit and thinking to themselves they will never buy this wine or even mention it again out of spite for trying to be sneaky (and the argument could be made that this wasn't targeted towards me, it was targeted towards the masses, but it can't be good to split your market either right?)

edit: actually i get it now. Viral advertising is cheap, accessible, exists outside the boundaries of what the company is allowed to "get away" with in traditional advertising mediums, can be done as many times as you want without the customer getting bored and has the potential to be a "home run" if it goes viral without the monetary risk of youtube/tv commercials or print ads. Furthermore internet users, especially reddit users, generally have very specific and predictable geographical/demographical breakdown (male, young adults in the USA), so a wine company seemingly designed for a younger audience, could use Reddit to target their desired market segmentation quite well if they wanted...hmm lol (edit: but i think the downside is that the masses are getting better and better everyday at recognizing when we are being sold something, from my perspective, due to the absolute abundance of ads we are exposed to since the last 10-20 years, and once caught it looks poorly on the company, so it becomes riskier and riskier everyday to try something like this) edit: as an added point, liquor companies have many loop holes to jump through regarding what can, and cannot be said in advertisements. Viral ads on sites like reddit are a great way to circumvent those laws. I wonder if there is any correlation between the types of products, and the regularity of times advertised viraly?

edit2: so 1, we can further educate people in general of how companies attempt to sell product in such a fashion, and 2, Moderators should be more quick in identifying ads and tagging/deleting them to their discretion

edit3: here's another similar thread where viral advertising was attempted:

edit4: Disclaimer: i'm about to add something which technically is good for them (adding further dialogue, and discussion to the product), so repeat to yourself that it's all one big sham and don't ever make a snap-judgment, drunk, spur-of-the moment purchase of this wine in the future because you know the name...but here's another mention of this brand on reddit with some really fishy comments on that thread too


here's a conversation from that is what you have to look out for:

TonyAtNN: My wife has been drinking this brand but didnt know it came with a story.

yhnukas: Is it any good? How much is it?

TonyAtNN: I think around 12 bucks. I've had a glass of their red, dont know if it was the cab or red blend but it wasnt anything note worthy but not repulsive either. Then again I like Spanish reds or pinot noirs.

not really anything weird if you glace over it, but if you get a weird vibe from the video (aka: mentions the name, price, where you can get it, what it does etc) and you find comments like that, it's definitely fishy

EDIT 6: since xxxxxxx (last edit: username removed, i don't have anything against the individual, just the practice) wouldn't consider me as a potential employee, 19 CRIMES HIRE ME! PLEASE?

I created a canary post on /r/videos so we can see if the post was removed for username mentions, or if the mods are trying to protect shills. Remember, Reddit makes money from sponsored posts, so if the mods of /r/videos are cooperating with viral marketers and getting kickbacks for helping/protecting them when they shill, then they are literally stealing from Reddit.

Here's the post I just made with all usernames redacted:

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