How to Choose the Right Keyboard for Beginners

Here you will learn how to choose the right keyboard for beginners and what features to look for and which are not needed in a beginner keyboard.

The musical keyboard is very popular today and for good reason.

It is portable, meaning it can be taken just about anywhere.

It reproduces sound qualities much like that of traditional pianos.

The keys can come weighted and with sensitivity features similar to a real piano.

It can come loaded with many features that will be of great help to any musician.

Many beginner keyboards have pre-loaded songs, lessons for learning and keys that light up when they need to be struck.

But for our purposes here we will be focusing on the right keyboard for beginners and what features you should look for.

Keyboards that fall into the portable category are generally best for the beginner. There are some higher end keyboards that are actually digital pianos, but that is something a student can graduate to.

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The Number of Keys on the Keyboard

You will want to pay careful attention to the number of keys on the keyboard. It is recommended it have at least 61. If the keyboard is for a child and just for fun, a smaller version will be fine. But if the intention is to learn on this keyboard don't settle for anything less than 61 keys, otherwise it will make the playing options to limited.

Size of the Keys

Some versions are more meant for children and the keys are not the normal size. If the user is ever going to make the transition to the piano the keys should be normal size, just like a piano.

Lighted Key Feature

This is a very helpful featured you should look for on a beginner keyboard. With this turned on the keys will light up helping the student know when they are to be struck as a song is being played. It makes learning easier.

Pre-Loaded Songs

This usually accompanies the lighted key feature and makes learning fun. Look for keyboards that have songs that are loaded into the instrument that can be played at the push of a button.

Teaching Lessons

Many starter keyboards come with teaching lessons that can be followed along at the student's self pace. There are many different ways to teach how to play, but this option can be very helpful.

Weighted Keys

On a real piano keys are weighted. Bass keys are heavier and become lighter as you move up the register. This is a featured you would want to look for on the starter instrument.

Keys That are Touch Sensitive

Keys that are touch sensitive will also help a student eventually graduate to a real piano. Just like on a real piano, the harder the key is struck the louder the sound will be. Having that feature is a must.

Important Options Available

For the beginner keyboard student it is helpful to have a few additional options: like a metronome to keep proper timing; a stand so the keyboard can be played in more places than on a table or desk; the ability to have an AC adapter so it can be plugged-in and not completely dependent on batteries.

Keep these tips in mind and they will help you as you look for the right keyboard for beginners.

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