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DANE WIGINGTON - An Asset of Strafor Intelligence

From Sine Nomine: "Geoengineering" is a controlled narrative.
This is MATra (magnet assisted transfection) aka bio-warfare.
Occams' Razor: "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected."

Dane Wigington (tagged again) is an asset of Strafor Intelligence.

"Dane" is not one person, but the "face" hiding thousands of military disinformation specialists leading millions to further disseminate absolute propaganda.

MATra (magnet assisted transfection) is pure science.
MATra is the gold standard of DNA transfecton (rNA - siRNA splicing)
It's simple, effective, deadly and implies eminent catastrophe.

US 20070196281 A1:  Method and articles for remote magnetically induced treatment of cancer and other diseases, and method for operating such article


Our bodies are saturated with conductive nano metal oxide salt cations
Put aluminum in a microwave. What happens?

The Dane Wigington "program" has two objectives.
1.) Control the narrative using scientific sounding bullshit.
2.) Censor any narrative about MATra

Don't believe me?
Post anything about MATra on a "Geoengineering" website.
Both your post and you will be deleted instantly

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