A few years ago I was new to TERA. TERA was my first MMO and only MMO to keep me playing. I was a true noob at the game and decided to join a guild to learn more. I was looking through the global chat and one guild recruiting message caught my attention. Little did I know at the time that I would fall in love with the person recruiting. I join the guild and I was excited to have teammates to play with. Then they told me to join a raid on skype and I hesitatingly obliged (not a fan of voice chatting with strangers, just a bit shy). That’s when I heard her voice, it was sweet, and I know I just liked it. After that I slowly grew closer to her asking her about herself, raiding dungeons together, really enjoying her company and it slowly moved to us talking out of the game too. We'd talk about anything and nothing, I remember looking for any excuse to spend more time with her. I decided to tell her I liked her and I wanted to take her out on a date. At first she was a bit reluctant but in the end she agreed to meet me and answer my feelings. We met at a convention, spent time together and we just clicked. Sadly currently this is a long distance relationship but it isn’t an issue since it’s less than a 10 hour drive to see her or an hour and a half plane ride. We met because of TERA and have spent many hours together on TERA. We both have multiple characters with high level friendship points. As far as I’m concerned TERA brought us together was the bridge to our love and because of that TERA will always hold a special place for us. I met my current girlfriend of 5 years on TERA and hopefully years down I’ll say I met my wife on TERA. The fact that if I would of entered a different guild, not logged in that day, or stopped playing TERA altogether, I would of missed meeting the love of my life.

zxKILLJOYxz <3 Berrymilk.