Nathaniel and Isabelva

It was a potato, but fateful RMNM run. I encountered a lone Elin berserker whom I could sense was dissatisfied with her performance. I approached her after the run, allowing her to vent. She went into extreme detail regarding her rotations and her class for 45 minutes as we sat in Dark Lilith’s chamber. I knew she was just like me—a complete potato, but at the same time a master of her class. She was an Elin berserker and I was an Elin slayer (though I identify as a panda)—both are very complicated classes to optimize.

After we introduced ourselves, we started spending time together, showing each other what our classes can do.

Despite having an apocalyptic workload during exams, we spent every second of our free time together. In the beginning, she always denied the near-flawless chemistry we had. Nevertheless, as the days passed, we continued to spent more time together. We never ceased to evolve and advance. I could sense, with absolute certainty, her underlying feelings for me—she left subtle hints throughout our conversations, as if she was unaware of her own feelings. Rising to the challenge, I fell for her harder, seeking to conquer this woman who mysteriously came into my life.

Soon we decided to level new characters together. I chose a lancer to facilitate instance matching. She chose a human female berserker to test the animations. We had such a good time together, leveling non-stop whenever we could. We reached max level within 48 hours. She loved playing the character for me so much that she made it her main. We farmed lots of BAMs (booms as she calls them) on all her 8 characters to get her glyphs and gear. Duoing booms became therapy for us—playing music on Discord whilst collecting nearly 5000 fashion coupons. This became a routine date for us.

She joined the guild I owned and began accepting the love which flourished between us.

I could finally call her my own.

As exams finished, we had an entire uninterrupted week together—countless hours dungeoneering, honing our skills, and exploring the uncharted territories of our classes together. We spent many nights watching anime together, talking for hours, and getting to know each other on a much deeper level. That week was the loveliest time of our lives.

As the week came to an end, she returned to her parent’s home for the summer. We lost a lot of our TERA time together. Many trials and tribulations test our abilities to learn and improve for ourselves and for each other. As our relationship prevail, these times are filled with revelations that serve to strengthen our bond.

Two months later, we’re doing our best to make time for each other. TERA is no longer just the game it was before. It is a special world to us. In our gratefulness, we wish to find more time to dedicate to it together once more.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Nathaniel Arnold Serratore and Isabelva van Sylthien

Tempest Reach