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George Webb follows 2016 Murder of NASA Connected Molly Macauley, PhD


Interesting video suggests population,  biometric and FLOOD data (climate engineering) gathered by satellites was stolen by Awan brothers and Macauley may have discovered it...leading to her murder (by Clinton DNC?)

If yesterday's NSA report is accurate it is not unusual; US+MI6 set up a front to steal all of Pakistan's voters


"Dr. Macauley worked with the DNC and several U.S. government-related advisory boards in the Obama Administration. She was a policy advisor on satellite communications, to include the transference of communications with the DNC at the time of her death. Dr. Macauley was also a Vice President of a Washington, DC think tank, Resources for the Future. Her work was the recipient of Clinton Global Initiative funding for “demand-side” management programs that included satellite and information security."

The dude interviewed in the Macauley news video (Hal Lay Hayek) behaves like a scripted crisis actor that could have been videoed before the murder. This guy is preacher at an Episcopal church which the Balimore Sun failed to mention. This finding probably matches the deliberately confusing obit info. Exactly why?...I don't know...yet. His quote: "...at least she didn't die alone". Hal Ley Hayek = Episcopal church = Children religious education = possibe #pedogate. Look at Child trafficking.





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