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Will Bio-Terrorism Attack on US Be Blamed on Russia?

Jared Kushner and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak talked about arranging a meeting between a representative of Trump and a “Russian contact” in a third country during their secret meeting.


The name of the Trump representative was not identified, but it could be Erik Prince, a high profile supporter of Trump, who met a Russian contact in the Seychelles shortly after the secret meeting between Kushner and Kislyak.


Erik Prince’s sister is Betsy Devos, whose family owns Spectrum Health, the Michigan health company which has faulty Ebola screening protocols, as detailed on this blog, and which was communicating with a secret Trump server together with Alfa Bank, apparently to update a huge database.

Let’s speculate for a moment in putting some of pieces together. This is just speculation, but the pieces are being put in place for a covert biological attack against the USA to be exploited to institute martial law etc even if this is just an accidental alignment.

Let’s go through some of the pieces of the puzzle.

Vanity Fair reports…

Erik Prince, the billionaire founder of the infamous private military contractor Blackwater and the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is the latest member of Trumpworld to be caught up in the ever-expanding web of intrigue surrounding the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Prince was at the center of a secret meeting in the Seychelles, brokered by the United Arab Emirates in early January, to establish a back channel between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

It is unknown what Prince and the Russian envoy specifically discussed during the meeting, which took place shortly before Trump’s inauguration. But according to U.S., European, and Arab officials who spoke with the Post, the overall goal was to open a dialog with the Russian government outside of traditional diplomatic channels.

Russian bank Alfa Bank communicated with a secret Trump email server together with Spectrum Health, a medical company connected to Erik Prince’s sister Betsy Devos.


Spectrum Health has flawed Ebola screening protocols, which would facilitate an Ebola outbreak in the USA as this blog has noted. The Spectrum Health protocols instruct health care personnel to look only for symptoms (fever) and so will lead them to miss patients potentially incubating Ebola through contact with Ebola patients. The faulty protocols, therefore, risk infecting medical personnel with Ebola.

New drastic quarantine rules have been in place in the USA to be triggered in the event of an Ebola outbreak.


Donald Trump’s new FDA director Scott Gottlieb is a fan of deregulation and he may allow the Merck Ebola vaccine to obtain an emergency license.

Let’s assume some hostile foreign entity has noted the biodefense gaps in the USA as exposed during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. The Russian journalist who interviewed me in Larisa last summer directed questions at me which were designed to gain my view of how seriously I thought the FBI etc took biological warfare.

Let’s go one step further and develop a really, highly speculative scenario.

Let’s assume this foreign entity has decided to exploit those very gaps to use a false flag Ebola outbreak to institute quarantines and martial law and take down their rival once and for all. Let’s assume it does not conventional war because it sells gas to Europe and cannot afford to lose the revenue. Let’s assume, it has decided to use a mirror copy of the 2014 Ebola false flag to institute targeted vaccine and quarantine campaigns in the USA etc. Let’s assume, it has managed to install people who are financially beholden to them into key positions and has established back channels to discuss their plots.

To be really effective in taking down the USA such a scenario would need to be able to avail of huge amounts of data to figure out where potential resistance or opponents are and to target those individuals and regions for quarantine or vaccine.

Jared Kushner played a prominent role in developing secret databases for political purposes, and this database may play some role in the secret email exchange between Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health.

Tea Pain blog speculates the patterns of data exchanged between Trump Tower, Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health point to database replication ie to the creation and updating of a vast database on the American people which could be used in just such an Ebola outbreak to select individuals for vaccines and quarantine.


“Spectrum Health, owned by Michigan’s powerful Devos family, attempted to explain the IP activity as “Voice over IP traffic”, whereas Alfa Bank offered an even more exotic explanation that “hackers attempted to make it look like we contacted Trump Tower.”

The data traffic, when analyzed, tells a very different story, a story of automated, orchestrated data sharing among multiple sites for a strategic end.

Database Replication is a rather simple concept.  When you have a database with millions of records representing hundreds of gigabytes of data, and you would like to keep a copy of that database housed in 2 or more locations, it makes no sense to continually copy the entire database from point A to point B every time a change is made, so you “replicate” it.

This allows only the changes made to be sent from one database to another.  This is accomplished by a process that runs on timely intervals, usually an hour, that wakes up and checks the changes made since the last hour and broadcasts those changes to the other database.  The other database, in turn, check for its changes and broadcasts them in the other direction.  Voila!  Both databases are identical!”

Supposing the database could be used to identify people with certain profiles to prioritize targets for Ebola vaccines or quarantine. For example,  people who fit the criteria of being ex military, higher university degree, income over XX dollars, and who are, therefore, most likely to resist martial law, could be targeted first for Ebola vaccines or quarantine.

At any rate, this is my personal hunch about what could be being planned in the shadows.



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