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The "Glowing Orb" is A Real-Life Crystal Ball


OK, OK, I know this isn't technically a part of the arms deal, but it would be a crime to discuss the Saudi trip without mentioning the now-infamous orb. Instantly meme-ifiedm it got everyone talking, and chances are if you know someone in your life who doesn't know the first thing about politics, they've probably seen the picture of Trump, King Salman of Saudi Arabia and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt touching that creepy glowing orb...even if no one knows what the picture was all about.

It set social media on fire. The twitterati were out in full force trying to come up with the funniest caption for the scene. My personal favorite: The old one-two comedy routine of @zeddrebel ("quick! what would be a good word for a religion that worships a globe?") and @ToddGolden2 ("GlowBallism"). (Now click here.) But what was actually happening there, anyway? What is the orb?

Well, the picture was taken at the opening of the new "Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology," a billion dollar state-of-the-art monitoring and operations center in the fight against international terror...in Riyadh? Hosted by the Saudis? The very government that has been funding and exporting these Wahabbi extremists and CIA dupes on jihads around the world for decades? The very concept is self-parodying.

And indeed, the Al Arabiya press release on the facility is full of meaningless, blatantly silly blather about the center's "governance system that applies international management best practices" in their work producing "media content that confront [sic] the content of the radical thoughts [sic] in order to defy it."

The whole thing becomes less jokey, though, when we come to this:

"The center has developed innovative techniques that can monitor, process and analyze extremists’ speeches with high accuracy, all phases of data processing and analysis are done in no more than six seconds once the data or comments are posted on the Internet, allowing unprecedented levels of facing extremist activities in the digital world."

It's still quite vague as to what "techniques" are being employed here, but we have to consider the possibility (or should that be the certainty) that buried in amongst the hundreds of billions of dollars in deals that have just been announced there may be some technology transfer or at least cooperation between the NSA and the GCCEI. After all, it's no longer any secret that the US deep state own the control tower to the world wide panopticon known as the internet, and as the suspicious leaks in recent years suggest, they're more than willing to let some of those secrets out.

Is the GCCEI running some version of the NSA's own Stellar Wind program? Have they joined the international spy grid that is being slotted together by people like Bilderberger Peter Thiel, founder of Palantir Technologies? Palantir is, after all, the company that helped the NSA spy on the whole world. And Palantir is named after the "seeing stones" from the mythical Lord of the Rings saga by J.R.R. Tolkein.

By touching the orb and activating the Center, did Trump and Salman and el-Sisi activate a little palantir, a "seeing stone" that will become an important part of the supra-national deep state spy grid, helping to monitor every communication and every action of every human being on the planet? Did we just witness an occult ritual with a very real-world meaning hiding in plain sight?

The orb. The glowing orb. That crazy, creepy glowing orb. 1000 years from now it could very well be that the only thing the historians of the future remember about our era is that some group of dignitaries touched a glowing orb in a darkened room and the internet lost its collective mind. I know this because the orb told me it would be so. cORBett out.

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