(Note: names and certain details have been lightly edited to protect the identities of those involved.)

Before I jump in, I think it is important that you guys know a bit about me before I jump into the story.
I am 17 years old, and I live on the West Coast. I’m generally pretty outgoing, funny, and all-around entertaining. I’m currently a Junior in high school, though there’s only about a month more of that. In the looks department, I am probably below average. I’m not hideous or anything, but I’m no Ryan Reynolds. Specifically, I’m mildly overweight (not obese) and have a minor acme problem. Again, it’s not terrible. Meanwhile, I am good terms with probably 95% of people in school, though only have a few really close friends. My primary interests include politics (I’m more right-wing.), cars, dubstep music, and techy robotics stuff. I also like watching sports, etc.

Now onto the reason I’m here… (read on)

17 months ago, I met a girl while on vacation to Honduras. She was staying at the same hotel I was. She also likes politics (and shares my political affiliation), cars to a pretty good extent, and lacrosse (which she plays and is really good). In summary, she and I became very close over that period. We had a lot in common, and conversing was incredibly easy and natural. I mean this in the sincerest way possible; these were truly unique interactions. While on vacation, over the course of the week we were both there, we did a lot of stuff together and often stayed out late into the night. I've never had such a good time with anyone, and it was genuinely because of her, not because of the venue. Almost certainly, she had as good a time as I did. I never made a move. When we left, we got connected on Instagram and Snapchat, and have communicating through these mediums ever since. It's not quite the same, but we still converse often and effectively... (read on)

I'd love to see her in person, but it'd hard as she lives four hours away by car. My parents would not approve of such a drive for me, especially since I've only been driving for about a year. As a result, my options are quite limited. I should add that, through messaging, I am fairly sure (but not certain) that she also wants to meet back up. My question is about whether or not I should try to initiate a more serious relationship here. It would be difficult, due to the distance, especially since most long-distance relationships start with some longer period of close-distance. That being said, I think it could make both of us happier. Again, I'm not sure exactly how she feels. Naturally, the solution would be to just talk through it. There are a few issues here, some smaller than others. First, she is a year younger than me. Second, she is 100% joining the navy like her father when she turns 18. First, she will attend the school, then enlist for a few years... (read on)

Thirdly, at worst, I would like to remain on good speaking terms with her. Excommunication would be the worst possibility, and it's the one I fear will occur if I bring up the premise of a more serious relationship.
Let's just say for a second that this is really the best girl I have ever found. Smart, attractive (she has a physical appearance than many would be put-off by, but she is totally my type.), interesting, etc.. Is it worth creating this relationship on the foundation of long-distance if it means becoming attached to someone with whom I will have little ability to visit, and if it means barely speaking while she is in the Navy? This would, of course, take me off the "market" for a while, which could theoretically limit me, especially as I go off to college. That being said, I've never felt this way about anyone before, and I fear I never will again. What should I do?


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