Simple ways to boost your energy for whole day.

By energy , we don’t just mean the memory. Brain power is the combination of various skills such as concentration, intelligence, problem-solving ability, analytical ability, etc. For your kid's brain power to be at its peak, his/her brain should be well-developed. The neurochemicals need to be synthesized in the right quantity, and the connections that happen between the brain cells need to be efficient. All this is possible only when your kids are given the right food and encouraged to take part in right physical activities that promote brain development.

Here are few simple activities that are sure to boost your energy for whole day -

- DHA for your breakfast is as important as oxygen. DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which is an omega-3 fatty acid, is the structural component of the brain that has a key role in all the brain activities, right from its development. Any food or supplement that is rich in DHA is sure to boost your kid's brain power.

- You should encourage your children to exercise regularly. Physical activities like exercises, cycling or jogging, will promote the formation of new brain cells. More brain cells and more connections, will make your kid smarter.

- Encourage them to cultivate new hobbies like gardening, learning music, learning language, etc. This is important because the brain is basically a muscle that needs exercise to be active and efficient. When oats benefits it's given some work, it will be happy. Your kids will become more intelligent, when they are active with a number of different activities, as their brain creates new neural pathways and tries to be more productive.

- Training them to be organized is another thing that you can do, which will boost their brain power. This is something that needs to be done when they are very young, and this is sure to help them a lot, in the later stages of their life. When things are haphazard and confusing, the brain takes a lot of time to process the information, and most of the times, the brain tends to forget a few things. When your kids have their activities organized, their brain will be able to process any information effectively.

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