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EZBASE - Florida's Toxic Coal Ash Uncovered



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Florida's Toxic Coal Ash Uncovered

Clean Water Action

Posted March 28, 2010  - JEA ash giveaways raising state worries - How it ended up in Middleburg wetlands despite rules at issue.

2013 Clean Water Action * Earthjustice* Physicians for Social Responsibility Southern Alliance for Clean Energy*
St. Johns Riverkeeper  Waterkeeper Alliance

"After application of EZBase on every road on his 30 acres of land, Mr. Johnson was visited by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). FDEP ordered removal of the EZBase due to its high levels of toxic contaminants and its placement on Blackwater Creek, a protected wetland system that connects to a major drinking water source. JEA was ordered to remove only the EZBase immediately adjacent to the wetlands, but left the majority of the toxic
substance for Mr. Johnson to remove on his own or keep on the property and live with the impacts. Mr. Johnson later sent samples of EZBase from his property to a certified lab, where levels of arsenic, chromium, mercury, and vanadium were detected above the state and federal maximum contaminant levels"

Soil test reveals toxic substance near Clay County school
MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- Dayna Yamin, a Middleburg mom, said she's concerned about the findings of the environmental group Earth Justice.

"It is just concerning that people don't know and their kids are playing in this stuff," said Yamin. Her son is too young for elementary school, but Yamin said her concern is for every child in her Clay County community.

"Since children are walking on those paths, parents need to be notified," she said.

Yamin is reacting to a report from Earth Justice and Clean Water Action Florida, two environmental groups. In March, the groups tested the soil near the paths around J.L. Wilkinson Elementary. Lisa Evans, attorney and former EPA employee, is with Earth Justice.

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