Why Every City Needs Public Street Art


With the modern drive to expand and grow, municipal officials can occasionally overlook the importance of public art. Fortunately, there is a way to fill the void. In many communities, art does not have to have an official sanction to have benefits. In fact, street art and graffiti are experiencing growing popularity within artistic circles. Organizations like 1amsf.com promote a cultural community of street artists that is committed to beautifying urban landscapes. Whether you have long appreciated the value of street art or are simply enjoying it for the first time, you might not realize the critical importance of public murals to the health and vibrancy of the neighborhood. Here are some reasons every city needs public street art.

Public Murals Have Value

In artistic terms, street art murals have both intrinsic and instrumental value. Today’s street artists have incredible artistic vision and skill. Often, the murals they create are truly beautiful pieces of art. In fact, street art has grown in popularity among art collectors in recent years. Beyond the intrinsic value of these pieces, however, communities realize a variety of other benefits. Often, communities with public murals experience economic and cultural revitalization that their art-free counterparts don’t.

Art Installations Bond Communities

When organizations like 1amsf.com find collaborative spaces for large, public murals, the entire community benefits. Often, artists can convert unused or abandoned buildings into sites for public murals. When they do, these places go from being magnets for criminal activity to being a culturally significant, collaborate space. While each area is different, restaurants and galleries frequently pop up near these repurposed buildings. Thus, instead of serving as a negative aspect of the community, these collaborative installations turn into a social and focal point.

Artists Make Effective Mentors

Adult mentors are some of the most effective resources for keeping kids out of trouble. In areas where criminal statistics are high, children are often at risk of engaging in bad behavior. Fortunately, artists make effective mentors. This is true even if artists work in a non-traditional medium. Since public murals frequently pop up in disadvantaged areas, organizations like http://1amsf.com/ can harness the creativity and leadership qualities of street artists to help mold community youngsters.

Murals Educate Audiences

There is little question that art can have a positive effect on neighborhoods. Unfortunately, officially sanctioned art sometimes doesn’t make it to places where audiences most need it. Murals often do. Since street art can appear virtually anywhere, its messages can reach virtually anyone. Whether the message is one of public health, general awareness, or something else, these murals offer an effective way to educate audiences.

Murals Don’t Last Forever

Unlike statues and other permanent art installations, street art murals seem to have a shelf life. In fact, most murals only remain for a few years before they become something else. The transient nature of public murals, then, offers a way to continue to revitalize areas without having to make a long-term commitment. While they might be temporary, these murals can help neighbors develop an appreciation for public art.

Organizations like 1amsf.com bring together public artist to improve communities. Instead of relying only on official art to boost neighborhoods, smart city planners understand the vital importance of street murals.

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