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Harvard Solar Geoengineering Initiative

Solar Geoengineering (aka) Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

Solar radiation management technologies aim to counter the effects of greenhouse gases by increasing the radiation of sunlight back into space. SRM encompasses a variety of techniques: covering deserts with reflective plastic, using reflective “pollution” to modify the atmosphere, or blocking incoming sunlight with “space shades.” Common to all these technologies is that they do not influence the concentration of greenhouse gases; they are only intended to counter some of their effects.

Implications: “Solar radiation management” (blocking or reflecting sunlight) has the potential to cause significant environmental damage, including releasing additional greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, changing weather patterns and reducing rainfall, damaging the ozone layer, diminishing biodiversity, reducing the effectiveness of solar cells, and risking sudden and dramatic climatic changes if the efforts are stopped, either intentionally or unintentionally. SRM will not address the problem of atmospheric GHGs or ocean acidification. Even more critically: Who controls the Earth’s thermostat? Who will make the decision to deploy if such drastic measures are considered technically feasible?   (ETC Group - Geopiracy, -  Pg. 19)

GROUND ZERO MEDIA: 4/14/2017 "Earthmasters" -  Elana Freeland and Matt Landman


Etcetera Group

Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering Paperback – March 25, 2014

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Fixing The Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control (JR Fleming - 2010)


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