Chemtrail Nozzles That Failed and Other Anomalies

London Chemtrails : Killing Sunset 9th April 2017

Cape Breton Chemtrails (1b) - Geonengineering/SRM

3 Chemtrails from 2 engine jet

Side-by-Side tankers spray different color and thicness of aerosols

Chemtrails Nozzle Malfuncion - Restricted flow on port turbofan nozzle

Artificial Cloud Dumps - Not From Chemtrails

Obvious Chemtrails Nozzle malfuncion. 2nd nozzle on port side is clogged but leaves a trace amount of aerosols

Chemtrails jet runs out of spray with sputtering aerosols released from one side

Only 3 trails as Chemtrails nozzle fails on #2 port engine

Chemtrails Mix runs dry. Aerosol Spray becomes increasingly intermittant

Dr. Deagle on Weaponized Weather Programs, Biological Weapons, Micro-toxins

Dr. Deagle Reports - Oklahoma City Bombing - Murrah Building brought down with Mini-nukes and nano=thermite

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