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Jim Stone-

You probably won't hear it on the news as a shoot down, but there are eyewitnesses that it was a shoot down:

"I was on my back porch and saw a flash. Then a jet falling. And then the BOOM! WTF?!?!?!"

"Crash? I saw a streak of light headed to it right before it exploded."

Anyway, according to early reports on the MSM, the pilots ejected safely, but the big question is, how on earth did an American jet get shot down over Maryland? Was it going to attack DC??? Is there a mutiny going on?

The jet was shot down 10 miles from the white house, which that jet could travel in less than 30 seconds.

No one is talking about a possible attack yet, but it was at least a shoot down (I will take people saying they saw it happen posting about it before I'd ever believe CNN). SO, the question is: Was the jet shot down with one of the missiles that got sent to "ISIS"?


A woman Fox interviewed said there were two large booms before the plane fell and the pilot ejected. WHEN THE PILOT EJECTED, HE WAS ON FIRE. If the pilot was on fire, it can only mean the fuel tanks got ruptured and threw fuel through a totally disintigrated plane. Most intelligent missiles can identify aircraft and seek out the fuel tank. If the pilot was on fire when he ejected, it proves a fuel tank hit. It was not an engine failure or a bird strike!

When you combine this with two other eyewitnesses, one who "saw a flash" and another saying he saw a streak of light go towards the plane, and a woman on Fox News saying the pilot who ejected was on fire, we definitely have a shoot down, they can't put that away!

The pilot is obviously alive but from this picture there's no telling how badly his legs are burnt. He's not standing so he's probably hurt. Update: Reports now say that he got hurt, but he's going to be allright.




A witness told Fox 5 DC/WTTG that he was sitting on his porch when he heard a loud explosion. He said the jet was on fire and he saw the pilot eject. It was the biggest fire ball I've ever seen in my life," Patrick Dotson said."

IMPORTANT: The next thing he said proves the media is lying about an unarmed training flight: "Dotson said the pilot asked if the neighborhood was OK because he had live rounds on board" This came across FOX news live. So it was not a training flight no matter what anyone says, the pilot was a good guy worried about what happened to the neighborhood, AND THE MSM IS NOW LYING TO COVER UP THE FACT THE PLANE WAS LOADED. Gee! I wonder why?

Additionally, "Huge fireball" means complete fuel tank breach. This again strongly indicates it was a missile strike.

OK, now we have: 1. It was not a training flight. 2. It was a fully loaded aircraft with full ammunition. 3. It was a definite shoot down. 4. The pilot cared about damage caused by the crash, (so he's a good guy) and 5. The media suddenly shut up about it. Hush orders.

IT IS OFFICIAL: The DOD has ordered all pictures posted to social media to be deleted. This is getting scrubbed.

Reader comment: First the I-85 bridge and now this. Someone really wants war.

My response: I really think that is what we are looking at. What if they blame NK for the shoot down? It would certainly be convenient. And yesterday even Pravda published that the CIA most likely did the St Petersburg terror attacks. Things are heating up, and bluffs are being called. So there might be dangerous desperation going on.

A reader sent a Google report that said a witness heard gunfire after the plane exploded. Don't know what to make of that because the pilot is still alive, other than possibly along with a missile there was live fire and the sound of it arrived later.

"Rabbit Hole" successfully sent this via Unseen.is and I don't know what mail box because in this case several of this web site's servers handled it and confused things:

Hello Jim,

I hope you get this.

You gotta love it. The MSM is reporting the plane had an accident due to a training exercise. Wait a minute...they used the same excuse to buffalo the public in the first Iron Man film when Iron Man took out one of the Air Force's jets.

Watch all the way to the end. The clip is short. These political types have no imagination or perhaps they are counting on their dumbed down and drugged up public to buy it.

1:58 PM Here's the Iron Man movie clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwvJbYGtfUw

1:59 PM watch all the way to the end

From the Rabbit Hole

My response: It is already beyond proven the plane was fully armed. That means it was by no means a training incident because the plane was over civilian areas. The only time planes carry munitions during training is when they are doing a bombing run ON A MILITARY BASE and the plane never leaves the base at any point. Other than that, training flights are NEVER ARMED. It is not safe enough to send trainees out over civilian turf with full weapons where the smallest mistake could wipe out a neighborhood! It is simply NEVER DONE.

That means there is something huge to this story that they buried.

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