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I don’t recall another fitness product that has received such an extensive and lengthy advertising campaign than The Perfect Pushup and The Perfect Pullup. Of course there is the Bowflex, which has been in existence for quite some time, but other than that, the majority of fitness equipment products are gimmick ab machines that seem to eventually fizzle out and fade away. Since The Perfect Pushup and The Perfect Pullup keeps advertising, my interest in this piece of equipment has peeked and I’m considering purchasing one. I’m more interested in The Perfect Pullup because I find pullups an essential back exercise and I start out with pullups in every back routine. Additionally, I prefer to workout my chest with free weights and the twisting motion can easily be added when conducting a dumbbell bench press.


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From what I’ve read on The Perfect Pullup, it’s getting nothing but great reviews. The twisting motion that The Perfect Pushup introduced is in The Perfect Pullup and unlike a pushup, this motion can’t be imitated while doing actual pullups like you can do with free weights on the bench. The twisting motion allows you to work more muscles, helping you create that V-shape back you’re craving, while at the same time, help burn fat around your waste. I previously wrote on the importance of working out your back. After reading all the great reviews out there, I am planning on purchasing this product. It may be a little pricey at $99, so I would scour eBay, but the $99 may be worth it.