UNLAWFUL: Florida Constitutional Revision Commission

What is the Constitutional Revision Commission?
By: Florida Chamber of Commerce

In 1968, Florida became the only state that allows for its state constitution to be revisited and changed through a regularly scheduled commission called the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC). The CRC, which meets every 20 years, is a group of 37 commissioners who examine the relevance and applicability of Florida’s Constitution to current and future needs.

In February 2017, Florida will name its third CRC. The CRC itself is an unusual creature of constitutional construction and is not within one of the traditional three branches of government. A separate lobbyist registration is required. Traditionally, the Governor’s Office has provided full time staff, including an Executive Director. The CRC is led by a Chair, which is appointed by the Governor.

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Unlawfaul Constitutional Revision Commission of non-elected Members

By Rodger Dowdell
I learned on Tuesday of the upcoming meeting in Orlando oif the Constitution Revision Commission.  Hagan and I worked wrote a short speech on Wed am, and Mark delivered it on Wednesday night. What GREAT teamwork !!


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I think Mark will likely acknowledge he may have received more applause for this speech than for any other accomplishment he has ever made !
With a smile on his face, Mark did a great job explaining to the Constitution Revision Commission that, although he likes all of them, they are not legal nor lawful. Primarily because of the strong positive reaction of the audience,  we now think that the Constitutional Revision Commission is an excellent opportunity for us to raise the awareness of the general public of what a real Constitution is and how We the People actually have to write them.

If we effectively  mobilize our efforts quickly yet carefully, we may be able to leverage this opportunity into a chance for We the People to hold our own Constitutional Convention and write Florida's first genuine Constitution.

First, we need everyone to think through how best to capture this opportunity. What is the work we need to get done ?

Next we will develop a plan to accomplish the vital few things we MUST get done, and we then need people to come forward to volunteer to get the critical work done.


Constitution Revision Commission meeting UCF 3/29/17

Notice of Fraud for Lack of Authority from We the People as read by Mark Schmidter, Administrative Investigator for the Florida People's Statewide Grand Jury. 

The only way a valid Constitution can be written or revised is by the People or the delegates  selected by the People for that purpose. That is the voice for of the People.
Article 1 section 1 of the Constitution of the State of Florida :All political power is inherent in the people.

Art 1 Section 5 "The People have the right to peaceably assemble and to instruct their representatives and to petition for redress of grievances.
We the People hereby declare Florida Constitution Revision Commission is unlawful, lacks any authority from We the People, and is impersonating public servants.

Article 1 Section 1 makes it clear that all political power is inherent in the People and only the People can chose delegates to make or revise a Constitution . Then and only then can the revision process take place.

The fact that each of you on this Revision Commission are acting outside the delegated authority of the People, makes you impersonating a public servant .

Neither the current Governor nor the Florida legislature has the delegated authority from the People to appoint you to the unlawful Revision Commission.

Florida, Peoples Statewide Common Law Grand Jury, Presentment in the Nature of Quo Warranto