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Trump Link to Jewish Mafia and CIA Asset, Felix Sater

Mobster, Felix Sater a CIA Asset and Former Trump Advisor

Felix Sater a CIA Asset and Connection to Trump


Felix Sater - Man Of The Year: Chabad of Port Washington Felix Sater, managing partner of Bayrock Group and former senior advisor to Donald Trump, speaking at the Chabad of Port Washington.

FORBES: Donald Trump And The Felon: Inside His Business Dealings With A Mob-Connected Hustler - Felix Sater is not a name that has come up much during the presidential campaign. That he has a colorful past is an understatement: The Russian-born Sater served a year in prison for stabbing a man in the face with a margarita glass during a bar fight, pleaded guilty to racketeering as part of a mafia-driven "pump-and-dump" stock fraud and then escaped jail time by becoming a highly valued government informant.

He was also an important figure at Bayrock, a development company and key Trump real estate partner during the 2000s, notably with the Trump SoHo hotel-condominium in New York City, and has said under oath that he represented Trump in Russia and subsequently billed himself as a senior Trump advisor, with an office in Trump Tower.

FORBES: Trump And The Oligarch 'Trio' - A full-color 28-page presentation by the Bayrock Group, produced in 2007, reveals that the equity financing and "strategic partners" for Trump projects--the Trump SoHo hotel-condo in New York as well as other proposed developments in Florida and Arizona--will come from two sources. One of the those is FL Group, a publicly traded investment company in Iceland that capsized a year later. The other listed partner is Alexander Machkevich and the Eurasia Group, which he controls with Chodiev and Ibragimov (the Trio)

Daily Beast 2-24-2017:  The Crook Behind the Trump-Russia ‘Peace’ Plan
Sater is one of the most notorious and shady characters in the American president’s past, including his very recent past.

February 20, 2017  FOX EXCLUSIVE: Felix Sater, man at center of Ukraine peace plan, said he was only trying to help - Sater is a long time New York real estate developer who had worked for years with the Trump organization and the now-president on various real estate projects.

The former Eastern District U.S. Attorney who went on to become President Obama's Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, wrote a letter to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch praising Sater during her confirmation hearings two years ago. Lynch wrote in part, "Felix Sater, provided valuable and sensitive information to the government during the course of his cooperation, which began in or about December 1998. For more than 10 years he worked with prosecutors in my office, the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York and law enforcement agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies, providing information crucial to national security and the conviction of over 20 individuals, including those responsible for committing massive financial fraud and members of La Cosa Nostra."

WAPO, May 17, 2016: Former Mafia-linked figure describes association with Trump - (But) Sater and his business partners had an idea: They would build Trump towers in U.S. cities and across the former Soviet bloc. Sater pitched it to Trump, who gave Sater’s company rights to explore projects in Moscow as well as in Florida and New York.

“Anybody can come in and build a tower,” Sater told potential investors, according to testimony in a 2008 court case. “I can build a Trump Tower, because of my relationship with Trump.”

Trump SoHo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_SoHo

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