[2017/03/10 10:04] Kiana Writer: (busy response): I'm sorry I'm either AFK or unavailable atm. Please contact my personal assistant Thalia Lupindo instead or check my picks for 'Got Questions?'. Thank you! <3
[2017/03/10 10:04] мσяgιє ™ (morgana.hilra): ok luv, i tried. i really did.. but, there appears to be something in the girls room however, i don't know so i am going to quit now. but, i did try. sorry :(
[2017/03/10 10:06] мσяgιє ™ (morgana.hilra): i have epilepsy and normally i can do these but, there is no progression help, and i am doing the same things over and over and over.. i tagged you on fb, when u have a chance, have a look xoxo. the past events, like this, were awesome. and this one is cool.. but, it's too much for me.. sucks cause i was looking forever to it..but, i am not the only person that has trouble with this place. xo great job tho